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Been Gone a Long Time

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Though I doubt anyone missed me since I'm fairly new here.

All is well with my two babies (Pandora and Pearl). Pearl is a real doll and Pandora is just a playful little scamp. Though she was found to have a tape worm the medication we were given cleared that up straight away.

Now I need to clear up the flea problem which I have no idea where they got them as they NEVER go outside.

Well Just wanted to say howdy
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Well a big welcome to TCS - I don't believe we have met before, and welcome back too!
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I remember you! Welcome back. Good luck getting rid of the fleas...if you don't the kitties will catch tapeworms from the fleas and you will be back to square one.

Try a search on the health forum for fleas....some flea meds are so much safer than others!
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I remember you! Good to see a long lost member back!
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Yeah I found some spot flea treatment that was safe for kittens (or cats under 5lbs).

And we are in the process of washing all the bedding and spraying what we can't wash.

Cause I know that tapeworms are spread by fleas.

It's good to be back though.
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Nice to have you back
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Welcome back!

I have one tip for fleas that's really spiffy. Get a couple of flea collars (NOT for the cats! ), cut them up into smallish pieces (an inch or so long), and put the strips in the bag/container of your vacuum. Flea collars aren't good (safe) for kitties, but they will kill fleas. This is the best way to kill the fleas hiding in the carpet since you can't throw the carpet in the washing machine! Just to be safe, always take the bag/contents out of the house immediately and put it in the trash.
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