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Zissou is depressed.

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When I go visit my sister's I often bring Zissou home with me. She also stayed there for a month over Winter Break, mostly I was there too, but not the whole time. My sister has two cats, Zissou's cousins (well, in the human sense of the word, not really geneticall related or anything). She is like, best friends with one of them, and the other she doesn't really like and he doesn't really like her but they tolerate each other. The other, they chase around the house together and play together and sleep on the couch together, etc- if they won't both fixed I'd say they were boyfriend-girlfriend.
Anyway, I took her home with me last weekend and since I've got back she seems kinda sad. I've been playing with her extra, and she's healthy and everything, but she just seems like she misses him. It's so sad! I take her outside on her leash more, give her extra attention, play with her more than usual, and she enjoys it all and everything but when I'm not she just sorta... sleeps. Or lays there. It's sad.

So here's my question. When I go home next weekend, should I take her to see her cousins with me or should I leave her here with my roommate (who loves her to death and would take just as good of care of her as me). Will I make it worse or better by bringing her? What do you guys think?

Oh, and I know she needs a companion, but it can't happen right now, at least not for another year. I want like, five cats, but there's no way to have more than one right now. It's hard enough finding an apartment in a new city with just me and her!
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Well, if Zissou is happier with her cousins than staying behind, I would bring her.
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I would take her. At least she can have some play time with her cousins since she cannot presently have a full time companion.
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I'd take her with you. I know you're worried about her being sad all over again but I think some interaction with her favorite cousin is better than none. Anyway, it'll make your visits with your sister that much more special for the both of you!
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If she doesn't mind staying with your roomate I would probably leave her. Doesn't really seem fair to have her feeling depressed, if she is normally happy being an only cat.
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She is normally happy being an only child. She gets plenty of attention, and she isn't alone longer than a few hours at a time ever. But, she gets like this every time I bring her when we get back to my apartment. Maybe part of it is the four stories (finished attic and basement, not like a huge house or anything) instead of the tiny apartment, but I think mostly its this one cat she's so happy with.
She is finally starting to act normal again in the past couple hours. So it's taken her about 5 days to get over it... If there was a longer time between the visits I wouldn't even be wondering I'd just take her, but so close together, I don't know. The downside to leaving her is that though my roommate loves her and would take good care of her and she likes him, she is my cat and is super-attached to me and might just get sad that I'm gone! She already sits in my chair and meows more often when I'm gone just to work and such, like she wants me to come home. When I come home late at night she'll be sleeping in my bed like she's been waiting for me...

See now I really don't know. There are upsides to both and downsides to both. I just hate seeing her so sad! I really wish I could get another cat. Or four. I think I'll just wait for some more people to weigh in, but so far I think I'll probably bring her with.
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I would leave her at home - consistency is easier to adjust to than ups and downs, and when you bring her home (again) if you take her, she'll just be more upset and maybe even try to sneak out to go back. And as you say, it's taken her 5 days to get over it!
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Actually I want her to be adjusted to inconsistency, because I'll be moving around alot for the next few years. She doesn't mind that at all, I take her over to friends' places when there won't be many people there, take her to new parks when we go on walks, etc. I want her to stay adaptable like this. Oh, I hope she doesn't try to sneak out and go back. It's 45 miles away!

I know I don't want her sad again.

You guys have all given me a lot to think about. Keep it coming!
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It is unusual for cats to like change, but yours could be an exception. I did know someone who shared two homes with her boyfriend, and their cats commuted. But I say, why not just have her adapt to the change of moving when the move actually happens? I'm sure she'll adjust.

Whatever you decide re constantly moving her around, this other cat is a separate issue. Seeing the other cat is making her unhappy... I think it's kinder to let her stay home. If you do get her a companion in a year, she'll get to enjoy it from then on. I would let her get comfortable with and enjoy the life she has in the meantime.
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This is a little off-topic, but is it really that hard to find housing with cats? I must be really lucky, because I've never had a single issue, nor have I been asked to pay a deposiit for them....and only one of my friends (who all have cats) pays extra to keep her 2 with her....

Sorry for the hijack, but I was just wonderinbg.

As to the original question, I'd take her with.
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There are no places where I'm looking that don't charge at least 15$ a month extra per cat for rent. Most places also either charge an extra fee with the deposit or keep half of your deposit or so.
It probably depends on your rent budget. More expensive places are probably easier to find as are really really cheap places that are so gross already it wouldn't matter much.
I need one that's between 5 and 6 00 for a two-bedroom.
The big problem is in finding a roommate who actually likes cats but doesn't have one herself, since most places only accept one cat per apartment.
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Thats such a hard decision! And I know what you mean, because I also have a single cat and really want another, but its pretty much impossible for me as well. This is an option that hasn't been discussed...since its such a large place you are going to, what about taking her with you but not letting her see the other cat? That way you can keep her company and she won't miss you, but maybe it will be easier to come back home if she doesn't have any contact with her cousin. I know this may not work because of smells, etc. but thought I'd throw out another idea! But bottom line, I would do what you feel most comfortable with. You know Zissou better than anyone!
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As for taking her with me but not letting them be together, it's a good idea but in this situation I don't think it would work out. The only place I could put her would be in my room (sort of) in the attic, and then she'd basically be alone unless I was up there sleeping. We tried that the first time I brought her and what happens is her cat sits by the door and meows and Zissou sits by the door on the other side and meows too. And then you can't open it to go in or out.

If I were to do that she'd be better off just staying here I think.

Ah, and the new complication that my parents are coming too now and, well, my father thinks cats are the work of Satan and doesn't understand why anyone would voluntarily have one. He's not mean to them or anything, just tries to ignore them and claims that since they belong to his daughters he will like them for our sake, but it just throws a wrench in the works for taking her or not.

So far the total is

Take her: 5 1/2, Leave her: 3 1/2
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