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Cute incident about Kiki.

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There are three cats that hang around outside my apartment. They belong to other tenents. Well in the evenings I open my basement door so Kiki can watch through the screen. Tonight Kiki started going crazy, she was growling and all her hair was straight up. She started jumping up at the screen to get outside. Well I ran over to her and there was one of the outside cats just sitting there looking at her. The outside cat was not doing a thing, I think it just wanted a new friend I guess. This just stressed Kiki out beyond belief. I have never seen her act that way before. It took me about 10 minutes to get her calmed down. And as soon as she got off my lap she went right back to the door. I guess she is guarding her territory. She is my little protector.
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I've heard of watch cats. I guess you have one! Now you know your jewels are safe- if a "cat burglar" tries to break in!
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I've never heard of a cat getting that stressed out and crazy over another cat!
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Kiki has not been around any other cats since I got her which was about 4 months ago and she was just about 7 weeks old then.
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Cat burglar.....good one!
Poor baby though. Hope she settled down OK.
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Zapata hasn't seen another cat since she was 8 weeks old. She's now about a year and a half. We live in an appartment. One of my neighbours lets their cat out in the appartment building hallways. Everynow and then I will notice Zapata lying down flat with her nose against the front door and I know that the other cat is on the other side. She can stay like that for hours. (the other cat must be equally intrigued) I've been thinking about getting a second cat but I've been wondering about how Zap would react...
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I was also thinking about getting another cat but I don't know if it would be a good idea because of the way Kiki acts. Maybe someday.
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You should do what you think is best, of course, but I find that kittens and young cats adapt to new kittens better than older cats do. With her history, I think the earlier the better. Then introduce them very gradually as Hissy always recommends.
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