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Just wanting to vent!!!!!

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Well I talked to my mother on the phone today and she told me about their new addition to the family. This new addition is a 4 week old beagle puppy. My dad went outside to watch Gizmo, my mother's pride and joy and when my dad turned around he saw a puppy following Gizmo. This puppy came from no where. Actually my parents and I know where this puppy came from. Someone dropped it off at the bottom of my parents hill. This is not uncommon, people have been doing this for years. As if it is not bad enough to drop of an animal only 4 weeks old, the puppy was abused. His tail is broken and he is tender to the touch in places. My mom is taking him to the vet in the morning and hopefully everything is fine. She said that the puppy is so loveable. I would love to get my hands on the individual that dropped off this poor inocent puppy.
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Well I'm glad your mom was there for this puppy. At least they dumped the dog instead of killing it....I've heard some pretty bad stories.
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Some people are so stupid! It sounds like your parents will do their best to help this little puppy and I hope he will be ok. Please give us an update after he is seen by the vet.
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I hope the puppy will be ok. It makes me so to hear about situations like this. No animal deserves to be hurt Do you plan on keeping him?
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Well the little guy is just fine. The vet checked him out real good and he said that he should be just fine. He said that his tail looks as if someone shut it in a door. Yes my parents are going to keep him. They said that there is no way they could get rid of him, he fits right in with the other dogs. I can not wait to see this little guy. I am going to go visit this weekend. My parents went looking to see if there were any other puppies arouond the area of the house. They were afraid that there may be more but they found nothing.
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I'm so glad to here the puppy is going to be okay
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Poor puppy. At least he is going to be ok. Its good that he gets along with the other dogs.
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I'm glad the puppy is going to be okay, and that your parents are kind enough to keep him! Hugs to them!
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What a rough start this little one had....I am thankful for your parents and please tell them how proud we are of them!
What's him name going to be? Lucky?
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Yay! I'm so glad the little puppy will be ok! He is one lucky little fellow to be with your parents. Does he like the cats, and how do the cats like him?
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It's so nice to know the vet feels the puppy will be ok, and I'm glad your parents have decided to keep him.
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