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Arrrggg! WORK RANT!!

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It's not fun being the IT person.

So I get a call earlier today from the marketing guy. One of his printers will occassionally printing out memory errors instead of what he wants to print. He does have ANOTHER printer.
Anyway he calls me and complains that this has been going on wants to know where his printer is. I told him that I've been looking into the printer, and will order it next week (keep in mind too he's on vacation next week). He then says, "OK it better be here. I don't want to have to go to --- and complain about this because my printer has been this way for 6 months and you went ahead and replaced other department printers before mine".

So guess who calls me? ---. Yup about the printer. This guy is really a big baby for one thing because HE HAS A 2ND PRINTER!!!
Secondly he's starting to get on my nerve because he still wants to be involved in IT somehow (prior to me arriving it was him and my boss as the IT people). This guy was the first to say he's sick of doing IT...that's why they began to search for a new I.T. manager. Now suddenly he wants to keep tabs of what's going on.

Its getting to the point for that its like "look you want to be a baby? You can go ahead and take over IT."

Ugh...am SO glad that I'm going back to get my Masters this fall so that I don't have to work here anymore!!!

OK it's 5 o'clock! I'm going home and taking 3 days off from this guy!
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That just stinks! I'm sorry he's being a jerk
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