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Animal Abuse :-(

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I was recently at a website Pet-Abuse.com and I read a cruelty case that would make all upset.It is sooo terrible how people are so cold towards animals for no reason at all.I am going to attach the case to this post...It is horrible!

Kitten's head torn off
Saint Joseph, MO (US)
Date: May 4, 2006
Disposition: Alleged

Alleged: Deborah Lynn Hontz

Upcoming Court Dates:

May 30, 2006: Judge MICHAEL J. ORDNUNG presiding Case 06D1-CR00206

Case Updates: 1 update(s) available

Case ID: 8344

Classification: Mutilation/Torture

Animal: cat

An Amazonia woman is behind bars tonight for allegedly decapitating a kitten with her bare hands. Several witnesses say the bizarre story didn't end with the alleged animal abuse.

Tiny kittens crawl out of a basket in Craig Henderson's basement. The litter of five is down to four. The act that allegedly sealed the fifth felines fate is felony animal abuse. Prosecutor Steven Stevenson says the charge is a felony because the kitten was allegedly mutilated while it was alive. Kelly Rader says she saw that mutilation happen. She says she was moving her belongings out of her former roommate Deb Hontz`s trailer when she found a litter of stray kittens. She says Hontz became upset because several strays had torn up her trailer in the past. Rader said, "I said look Deb, you have kittens and she said, `I`m going to kill them` and that`s when she grabbed one of the kittens and ripped it`s head off."

Rader`s neighbor and friend Craig Henderson was already watching the argument from his house. He says he distracted Hontz long enough for his wife to go and retrieve the dead cat from a trash can. The Henderson`s then called the Andrew County Sheriff`s Department who came and took the body for evidence. The Henderson`s say the trouble didn`t end there.

Later that day they couldn`t find their Albino Pit Bull, Diamond. Henderson said, "I walked to the corner and saw Deb Hontz with my own eyes put my dog in her truck so I grabbed the keys and it was a chase." A chase that ended in St. Joseph and landed Diamond a one night's stay at the animal shelter.

The Henderson`s had to describe distinguishing characteristics about their dog in order to get her back. Something that wasn`t difficult for an owner who brushes his dog`s teeth and paints her nails pink. Henderson said, "If I could have put an Amber Alert out for her I would have. She`s everything to our family we love her and we`re happy to have her back home safe."

Rader, the Henderson`s, and Diamond are now taking care of the rest of the kittens. Bottle feeding them every few hours hoping someone will want to adopt them. Then a jury will take care of all three of the charges against Hontz.

Hontz faces felony animal abuse charges, felony animal theft charges, and misdemeanor trespassing charges. She`s being held at Andrew County Jail on a $25,000 bond.
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Everybody, please take the time to write to the Prosecuting Attorney. Ask him to strongly resist any plea bargains from the defense and pursue the toughest possible sentence.

The Honorable Steven Stevenson
Prosecuting Attorney, Andrew County
P.O. Box 377
Savannah, MO 64485
Fax: 816-324-6015
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Uh-oh, the court date is May 30! Best to send letters using the handy form at the bottom of the page on this link: http://www.pet-abuse.com/action/8344/

Please, please take a few minutes to write! You don't want to see that monster get probation, a fine or just a few days in jail!

Here's the letter I sent to the Prosecuting Attorney:

I am happy to see that you are pursuing felony charges in the case of Deb Hontz for her deliberate act of violence against a defenseless and innocent kitten. This is one of the worst animal cruelty I've ever heard of.

I'm begging you to stand your ground in this case and strongly resist plea bargains from the defense. Probation, concurrent sentencing, community service, and fines are not fitting punishments for such a violent and downright evil crime. Please use your maximum effort to ensure that Hontz spends several consecutive years in prison for each of the crimes she has committed.

There is a strong statistical correlation between violence against animals and violence against people. Hontz is a dangerous and disturbed individual. She can not receive just a slap on the wrist for her crimes. Someone needs to send a message to violent offenders like Hontz that sadistic acts of violence against companion animals will not be tolerated.

Best Regards,
Barbara Woodcox, President
Coalition for Animal Justice
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I wrote a letter to the judge...please everyone else do so.........
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Here is our letter:

May 26, 2006

To The Honorable Steven Stevenson,

Hopefully this letter gets to you in time,I recently read the details of this Animal Abuse Case and it makes me sick to the stomach.How can someone do something so horrible towrads a helpless newborn kitten,who had no chance at all against Deb Hontz?Sane individuals like yourself,myself and many others may never know the answer to this question.It was a very cruel act on behalf of Hontz and I think the maximum punishment should be given,please do not give any lenience towards this individual.Hopefully you will make the right decision that can help prevent this from happening again by Deb Hontz.Please take time to think about this case very hard,think how much the kitten suffered,think how his last few seconds of life were for him,just stand up for this poor baby and let him have justice!

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Originally Posted by KittyCity81
I wrote a letter to the judge...please everyone else do so.........
Do you have a fax number or email for the judge? I couldn't find one.
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