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Allergy Doctor Rant

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In alabama I got weekly shots for my cat allergy, so when moving to portland I set up an appt a month ahead with an allergist to continue the program. Well the A--Hole doc said he wont give me shots. The only treatment for cat allergies is to get rid of the cat. I told him that was an impossibility and we kindly exchanged some words of philosophy. I also pointed put that I had dust mite allergies and he would treat me for that wouldn't he so what;s the difference? He was unmovable and didn't see the error on his logic.

I really HATE this guy right now. I bet he hates cats too.

So now I have to find a "normal' ENT/allergist who will understand and get with the program. thanks for letting me rant.
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Oh Diane, sorry to hear this........did he say why he woudn't give you allergy shots??? that's nuts!!! Keep looking! You'll find someone.......I have to laugh when he says to give up your Abi........for me, he might as well tell me to cut off my right arm! It ain't happenin!!!!
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what a butt-head!! If the shots are working on your allergies, then obviously the only solution ISN'T to get rid of the cat Moron!
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That's just plain rude!!!

If those shots work to help your allergy, why not??? Just because he may not like cats shouldn't dictate whether or not you should like or have a cat!

That is aweful and I'm sorry to hear that.

What are you going to do in the mean time, until you can get your shot?
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That's like saying your allergic to you eyeball so you have to get rid of it.

Good Luck with the new allergist search!
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Ooooh that sucks! Hope you can find another doc.
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I suppose he wants you to move to the middle of the desert, take down your drapes, remove all carpeting, sleep on the bare floor, and constantly wear a filtration mask too?

I'm glad you are finding a new doctor!!
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That's just dumb.

If it's been working for you before, why won't it work for you again? And hello, what about "removing" your soft furniture, drapes, bedding, and all of the plants surrounding your home, too, for good measure? Just so those other pesky allergies don't bug you!

This is going to sound weird, but I was/am supposedly allergic to cats and a whole host of other things, and it used to get really awful in the fall and spring especially. Ever since I got my cats, I have NOT experienced a SINGLE allergy symptom. For the 2 years I've had them, not even one itchy eye. Isn't that weird?
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Originally Posted by lunasmom
That's like saying your allergic to you eyeball so you have to get rid of it.

Good Luck with the new allergist search!
Good one Wonder why he would really say that? I mean thats crazy.....
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Man, some doctors really have the old god complex thing going on. Heaven forbid you disagree with them, what would us mere mortals know about anything?
So he thinks it illogical that you should wish to continue caring for your cat when you're allergic? What's it to him? Doesn't he get paid every time you come in for a shot? So what if he doesn't personally agree, he should learn his patient's have a right to their opinions and should learn to be a lot more professional about dealing with that.
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