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Snickers got fixed today and in pain.:(

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Well Snickers got fixed this morning. We dropped her off at 7am and picked her up at 3pm. Its so sad how much pain she appears to be in. She even has her sides all sucked in and we are assuming its due to pain. The poor thing. Our other cat was a kitten when she got fixed and seemed to do much better than Snickers is doing now. Breaks our heart. WE set her up in the basement with her bed/food/water and litter box. She just wants peace and quiet right now.
Im very thankful she wont be going into heat anymore though. lol
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She'll be fine. Just let her rest. Love the name, btw!
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Oh and another thing with her pain. Her eyes are mainly yellow and you cant even see the yellow in her eyes anymore. Its her pupils being so big all you can see is the black. So sad to see her like this.
Im assuming its either the meds they gave her to knock her out or because shes in pain. I wish they sent her home with meds for that.
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Yeah the meds would have done that to her little eyes. She's lucky to have such a worried Mummy.
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Lots of quick healing vibes for Snickers!
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Thanks Wellington Cats and Consumercity........I feel better knowing its the norm. They asked me if I had another cat fixed before and I said yes but I guess I didnt realize the difference between a kitten and an older cat being fixed with the pain tolerance. I know she will be Ok shes just not herself just yet. We will just give her peace for a few days.
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Abby's eyes were also dilated for a bit when we brought her home. She also had a hard time keeping food down for a few days, so you may want to keep an eye on that also. Good Luck!
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When we had Angel done a while back they gave her a long acting pain med shot. She came home and we had to try and slow her down, she was runnung around like nothing happened. We had to put her in the carrier till she settled down so she wouldn't open up her belly again. After that the only time she acted like it hurt was when jumping down off the bed or something like that. She never was in as much pain as it sounds like your kitty is. It cost extra for the shot but I payed for it and I am glad I did.
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I had my Lilly spayed a couple of months ago. I thought her sides looked sunken in. But I'm pretty sure it just appears that way because of the way they shave their bellys.Lilly also laid low for a couple of days rested and slept. I hope your cat feels better soon.
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My foster girl Sarabi got spayed today, too. She looks very sunken in, too. I think it is the combination of not eating since last night, and the surgery removing some tissue. (Plus she is bald from licking herself due to stress, so I can REALLY see how skinny she is!)

The first evening they are still pretty drugged up from the surgery. I know it is painful to watch, but like you said, it is so worth them not getting preggers or getting a uterine infection or cancer.

No matter how many times I do it...I worry while they are at the vets, and feel bad for them for the first 2-3 days as they recover. I think the large pupils are a combination of the meds used, and if you have her in a dark room, that would cause it some, too. Basically, she needs to rest for now. If you are worried tomorrow, call the vet and ask for some pain pills. I've never had them for any of my pets that were spayed. But it does make sense to offer it.
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Snickers if I could take away the pain I would...Go lay down and get some rest... Turn the lights low and som classical music and imagine you are laying on cloud 9
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Sending healing vibes to Snickers.
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Her sides are sucked in because that is where her uterus used to be. It is shaped like a "Y", the lover point being the birth canal, and the branches of the "Y" being the body of the uterus, or "horns" which run along the sides of the cat's body. Snickers will fill out soon.

I also believe the drugs have dilated her pupils. I hope she feels better soon. In a few days, she'll be bouncing around like crazy.
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