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diaper disposal systems

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Does anyone here use diaper disposal systems to dispose of kitty litter? If so, what kind do you use?

My parents are going to their town's annual garage sale and apparently, there is usually a lot of baby stuff for sale for really cheap. I can't go myself, but I'd like to give them a list of the diaper disposal systems that would be suitable for use with kitty litter so that they could buy it for me.

Any suggestions?
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I've never seen any in NZ that would be suitable for litter, but boy I'm just thankful we've got bins outside away from the house. I wouldn't want to keep dirty litter in the house no matter what storage is what in.
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I'm thinking of getting one of these.

I currently put it in nappy sacks then dump it in the bathroom until I can take it out to the garbage, but naturally I'm not keen on it hanging around in the bathroom too long.
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Marie I know exactly what you're talking about. I don't remember any of the brand names, but any of those little uprights with the little lid on top that pops up will be just fine. All you want is to make sure it automatically seals off when you press the button or whatever you do, which most of them do. I know the most popular brand is the Diaper Genie, but I've never had kids! Amazon gives it a pretty good review.

For those who don't know what we're talking about, you put a single diaper in the top of the pail, and then it totally seals each diaper into its own little bag so that they don't smell at all. It's not just a different kind of trash bin. Ah, American consumerism at its finest.
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Instead of spending money on one of these specialty items, I just use a big 10 gallon paint bucket with a sack inside. The lid seals perfectly so no odor escapes unless the lid is open. I put the clumps of pee and poop in the bag and then close the lid and then empty the bag when it is full. I bought the bucket at a hardware store for about $8.00 and the bags are from the grocery store. So, it is a cheap and effective solution to a stinky problem!
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Oh, that's a good idea too! I've used the old Fresh Step buckets before too, I buy them in the 28-lb plastic pails, so it's free and recycling! But I don't have enough room for anything else under the sink anymore.
If your 'rents can't find a cheap one at the garage sale you could try something like lotsocats suggested too. Although the refill rolls of bags get expensive too. Or so I've heard!
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i was using a sealable bucket, too. but the smell when i opened it about knocked me over! bleh!

i bought, and have used for over 2 months now, a litter locker. works great! no smell! (it's a kitty version of a diaper genie.) refills are a little on the pricey side, but since i switched away from my automatic litterbox, the money that was going to the waste receptacles for the littermaid is now going towards the litter locker refills.

i'm very happy with it.

eta: i just clicked the above link and saw that she's talking about a litter locker, too, sold in the uk. just a word about the refills: the uk refill states it lasts 90 days/cat. the ones here in the states say that they'll last approx 30 days per cat. i've got the two kitties and the refill lasts between 2 and 3 weeks. had them on sale for $6.97/ea (email coupon, i think)- compared to $13.99 at my local pet store, that's quite a deal!
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I have a "Diaper Champ" (I think that's what it's called -daughter is asleep right now,daughter is now awake , yes, Diaper Champ by Babytrend, that has a handle that you move from right to left over the top, and has a hole in the top where you put the diapers. Then you grab the handle and move it over the top to the other side, and there is a sliding, weighted cylinder in the hole that slides and knocks the diaper into the bottom of the container. Does that make sense? I would think that if you were putting your litter in a small, cheap bag (small, cheap wastebasket bags on a roll are great), that this diaper pail would work really well. I've used mine for 2 1/2 years and it still works as well as the day I got it. And it takes regular trash bags. And if you get the other (a Diaper Genie) you also to find out if it is a new style or old style, because the refills are different.Mine has also been around for a while, so you may find one at a garage sale or consignment sale, but it was only around $20 new. Hope this helps! (and I think I have found a new use for mine )
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I got tired of the bags and smell and mess, so I switched to a flushable litter, then throw the rest of it in the compost pile when it's time to clean the box and put in fresh litter. Soooooo much easier!

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Originally Posted by stephanietx
I got tired of the bags and smell and mess, so I switched to a flushable litter, then throw the rest of it in the compost pile when it's time to clean the box and put in fresh litter. Soooooo much easier!

Where do you get this? And i was thinking about getting one of the baby things for my litter. But i am not sure. I clean out my box every night no more then every 2 nights. I dont mind doing it, i have tons of extra walmart bags around my house.
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You put used cat litter in your compost? Do you use it on a garden that grows stuff you eat, or just flowers and shrubs and such?

I also do the plastic grocery bag thing, it's just annoying because that's so much waste and so unenvironmentally friendly.
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I use World's Best Cat Litter and flush what I scoop. We have a compost pile in our backyard and I toss the old litter in the pile and turn it in. (We also put our egg shells, potato peels, and any old fruits and veggies in there as well as grass clippings and leaves.) We've just started the pile, but should have compost to use in about a year or so.

Before the compost pile, I would just pour the old litter (WBCL) out in the back yard and water it in. It's very good for the soil because it's a corn-based product.

I take my Wal-mart bags back to Wal-Mart and put them in the recycling bin they have at the entrance.

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I use a Litter Locker, but a friend (with 5 cats) got a Diaper Genie a few months ago, and has been raving about it ever since.
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