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Brands of cat food

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I want to change my cats food. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good brand? Right now they are on Wiskas, but I want something better. I feed my dog Nurto, is there cat food any good?
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I don't know about Nutro, except for dogs, but I just switched my cats (ages 12, 10,9 and 6) to Felidae Chicken and Rice, and I am (embarassingly) amazed at how much better (softer and shinier) their coats are! Chicken Soup also makes a Cat food (my cats can't eat it because one of them is allergic to fish), and I used it with my Boxer (the dog food !) and had pretty good results with it; she just likes the flavor of the Canidae better, and apparently needed the extra oils, because now she looks like a new copper penny! I hope this helps.
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Nutros catfood is OK, probably no worse than Royal Canin, both surely better than Whiskas.

Best is probably wetfood of prime quality, like Natures Variety or Wellness. there are also several other such brands in US.

How come? because bad products may be real bad in USA, so as only thrusthworhy defence against real bad products - they are making real first-class...
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According to my vet ( who feeds mostly raw) Nutro and Solid Gold are the drys she likes...

Zoey loves Nutro and for the price the quality is hard to beat... My other one is a canned and raw girl /// and the dog is nearly all raw

The EU has way better control over things than we do in the US
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what does raw mean?
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raw is raw meat , bone and organs sometimes with veggies ...
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Originally Posted by pokey26_f
what does raw mean?

A diet of raw meat, organs and bones. Or whole prey animals.
My cats do not eat kibble, and canned about once a week, the rest is raw meat, just like a wild cat would eat.
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Hi Pokey,
There are so many different types of cat foods out there that it can be so confusing which is best for your cat or dog.

While checking out different types of foods, the link below will help you understand the ingredients better.


I feed my cat Solid Gold Katz-n-Flocken kibble and the Solid Gold canned cat food.
My Pug and Toy Poodle have been on Solid Gold for years. They have alot of great supplements that I give to my old Pug and I've been very happy with the quality of their products.

I see that you also live in WA State. If you are in the Seattle/Tacoma area there are some really good pet stores around that carry only the higher quality pet foods. They also have really cool toys.

I free feed with kibble and feed 1/2 a can twice a day.
I've learned that canned food is better for a cat since it has alot of liquid and cats don't really drink that much water. Not enough liquid in the diet can cause problems like urinary infections and crystals .
If I am incorrect I'm sure someone here will correct me.

Good luck in your research on pet foods.

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Has anyone heard of Pro Pac? Is it any good?
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Pro pac has some digest which is why I wont use it ... also if memory serves it has alot of corn
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OK thanks......
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Nutro is absolutely fine, especially the Natural Choice varieties. There are better foods available (among them are Innova, Felidae, Pet Guard, Chicken Soup, Wellness, Solid Gold, and others), but Nutro is a good food and by far the best available at "big box" stores like PETsMARt or Petco.
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