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Hi! New cat lover on the block!

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Hi from Arizona! I am a newbie and I thought it would be good to introduce myself and my precious kitties! I have 1 kitten and 1 cat both are my pride and joy and both are spoiled to death lol. My cat is simply named Kitty and she thinks she is the queen of this household. She is 10 months old and has the most playfull personality I have ever seen. We recently got her spayed but it only slowed her down for about a week.

My other baby is named Gizmo and he is only 4 weeks old and we have only had him for a couple of days but I have already fallen in love with him. My boyfriend rescued him from his heavy machinery repair shop where he found him in a 60ft boom. He was in pretty bad condition with mats in his fur and a few ounces under weight but we are trying to nurse him back to health.We also recently found out he may have a severe problem with his jaw which he is going to the vet for today.

I will try to get pics on here as soon as I can but my digital camera is not working at the moment but I would love for everyone to see my babies. I will continue to update you on Gizmo's progress. Thanks for reading - Newlyblondechic
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to TCS & with your new member of the family, I hope Gizmo will be ok with his jaw and will be in your life for a very long time. Say hello to Kitty & Gizmo for me.
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The warmest welcome ot you! I hope gizmo is ok! We always rescue kitties its a very good feeling.

Again WELCOME!! Lookin forward to the pics!
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Welcome Newlyblondechic, Gizmo and Kitty!
Lucky Gizmo, it's a nice feeling to know your giving a cat a good home isn't it? Especially if its been in trouble like that. My cat spent the first few days of its life in a cardboard box. ...so wrong.
Can i ask, how is kitty responding to Gizmo? Is she still queen?
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Welcome to TCS
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Hi again and thank you for all the warm welcomes! I am very happy to say that nothing is wrong with Gizmo's jaw, I was just being a worried new mommy. It was just his new baby teeth grinding together which will stop over time. We did however find out that he had conjuctivitis in both eyes which I am now treating with meds.

The new problem I am now facing is Kitty's jealousy over Gizmo. I am trying to pay alot of attention to Kitty but Gizmo has so many needs right now being so young that the jealousy is taking over Kitty. We are now trying to associate them but Kitty keeps trying to establish domnancy over Gizmo and he is so small I am afraid she might hurt him. This is the first time Kitty has ever had another kitten in the house and I am wondering what I should do to help them get along. I don't want Kitty to think I don't love her or that I'm ignoring her either but I don't want Gizmo getting hurt. Any suggestions on how to make socialization easier? Thanks again for all the warm welcomes. - Newlyblondechic
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Hi NBC! Hee!

I'm new too and I can't wait to see some kitty photos! Yay!

I've read that the best way to introduce cats is slowly. Let each one sleep on a towel/blanket and then switch them so they get used to the scent. But, since they are already running around together, it seems, probably the best thing to do to make sure Gizmo (love the name, Gremlins right?) gets socialized and Kitty gets enough attention, try and have one person play with one cat while another plays with the other in eperate rooms. That way Gizmo gets people time, and Kitty will feel like she is still queen as she has someone's full attention. And maybe a few treats during one on one time will make her feel a little special as well. Once Gismo gets a bit bigger, it may not be as much of a problem.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint of course when your camera is repaired...
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If you do a search for 'introductions' there are lots of great threads where people have described in detail what they have done to make the transition easier.

I can't wait to see some pics
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Hello and welcome to The Cat Site

Can't wait to see pics. I bet they are both just darling. Good luck with Gizmo's jaw, hopefully it's nothing serious.

This is a fun and informative place with tons of friendly people...

You will love it here
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