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Can I ask for vibes for hubby's grandmother?

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My husband's grandmother is in a nursing home with alzheimers. Yesterday, she took a bad fall and broke her hip (FIL said "shattered"). She is, right now, in surgery, and Earl is beside himself with worry about her. She is a frail 89 years old, and at that age and considering her general health there is good reason to worry.

Thank you!
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Sending her lots of healing vibes, and calming vibes for Earl.
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I hope everything turns out alright! Good vibes coming your way....
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Lots of good vibes to you and your family right now! You are all in my prayers!
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I'm really sorry for Earl's Grandma - I hope that she comes through the surgery ok and that her recovery is gentle and trouble-free
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She will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sorry to hear that. She is in my prayers.
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She is in my thoughts and prayers
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Sending lot of good vibes, to you, Earl, and his family.
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*sending lots of vibes*
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to all of you!! I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Please do keep us posted.
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Aww she is in my thoughts, Heidi!
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She will be in my thoughts, as will all of her family. Praying for a good outcome from the surgery , and a speedy recovery for Grandma, and calm for Earl and others who care for her.
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Oh no!!, sending many healing vibes.
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I'm sending vibes, Heidi. That's really rough at her age.
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Bless her heart. I hope everthing turns out ok with her hip.

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Thank you so much everyone.

One little detail that Earl forgot to tell me, and the reason they were all so very worried, is that because of the severity of her fall the doctors were concerned about internal injuries. Luckily, there were no internal injuries, and the hip replacement surgery went well. So she's out of the woods so far, and we just hope for an easy recovery from such a surgery for her.
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Lots of healing vibes are on the way to Earl and his dear Grandmother Heidi.
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More healing vibes on the way! I'm glad there were no internal injuries!
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That's so good to hear that the news is positive for her so far Heidi. Keeping those vibes coming for her so that she continues to do well
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Here's hoping for a fast recovery!
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Sending best wishes and healing vibes for a smooth recovery.
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I am so sorry that Earl's grandma is going through such a difficult time! It is so hard with alzheimer's, because they don't understand the need to rest and let their body heal.

Prayers she makes a full recovery, and that you, Earl and his Dad remain at peace through this stressful time.
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Glad to hear the news is good thus far. Sending lots of vibes for a speedy recovery.
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Wishing her a speedy recovery.
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Sending many good vibes that she recovers from this soon...........
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