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Hello, My Name is Alycia....
I am addicted to TCS... I hide it from family..do it at work when no one is looking... been known to try to get it on my cell just to get a fix.. I have been accused of denying other peoples wants and needs because of it... All that doesn't matter, as long as I can get that 3 minute high from seeing new posts... I can't and won't deny it.... I'm addicted and don't want help!
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Hello, my name is Viktor, and I am addicted to The Cat Site. I have only been using it for a little while, but I am hooked. The rush lasts for hours, and then I have to come back and post more!
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Yup addicted here. Where else can you talk about every little thing your cat does without people thinking you are nuts!
Also I was extremely addicted to the skittles thread. I updated a couple co-workers Tuesday..
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I think alot where... I started another one if ya need your fix.. called Skittles had babies...

O am so addicted right now and have been LOL.....
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