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TCS anonymous

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Hi my name is Brandi and I am addicted to TCS!!

I was just reading through everyone's average posts per day and I would start a TCS-aholics support group!! The first 2 member I am expecting to see are Babyharley and momof3rugratz!!
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Gonna have to jump in here. Hi, my name is Raegan and i'm a TCS-aholic!

So is this a 12-step program...because i'm not sure i want to be cured!!
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Guess I'd better not post then!! I don't post as much, but I do "lurk." I always want to make sure that I have something to add to the thread....But....

Hi Brandi! My name is Dakota and I'm addicted to TCS.
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There is not cure for TCS-aholism. Only support from other TCS-aholics!! LOL
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Does full time lurking count? I just never have anything to say.
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Lurking does count!! If you spend a lot of time on here you are addicted, if you post a lot (momof3 thats you Kenz thats you too) you are addicted!!
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Hi I'm Jenney. I use TCS through out the day as a way to make my time at work go by faster. I know that this could readily be solved by doing such things as responding to employee questions, fixing computers, and writing technical documents. However TCS is such the easy solution.
Yes, I am an addict.
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My name is Katie and I am a TCS-aholic!! I may not post a whole lot, but I lurk and read and read and read.... i actually just realized that I haven't done any real work in 2 hours because I was on here amazing how time gets away from you!
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Hi, my name is Mackenzie, and I am a TCS-aholic.

I never know I was so addicted, one day I found this great website, and all of a sudden, I was a full fledged addict. I know there is help out there... I just can't stay away!

Maybe I should take a TCS vacation... but I can't stay away for longer than a day, I just cant....someone....help....me!
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hello my name is Jennifer
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Hi my name is Jenny and I am addicted to TCS!!

Sorry I had to take a nap
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Well I don't think I can deny I'm an addict..
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Hello, my name is Natalie and I am a TCS addict.

I have been addicted since March, and I cannot go through a day without checking up..usually for hours at a time

Relationships have suffered, food bowls have stood empty, and dinner has not been made due to my addiction. Please Help!!
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Hi my name is Jenny and I am on TCS almost all day while I am at work!
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Hi I'm Heather and I'm a Cat-Site-Aholic!!!

I keep it open and minimized all day at work. Then on the weekends I've been hopping on at home just to see if Momof3's kitty went into labor yet!!!
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Hi my name is Trista
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Hi I'm Fran,
Thank god i am only A TCS-aholic!
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I am also addicted. I once stopped for a bit while moving, but found myself at the library on TCS at odd times of the day to make sure i got my fix.
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Oh, that is so sad that you are all addicted. I personally am not at all addicted to TCS. I only use it socially, as an outlet. I could quit anytime, anytime at all.

And don't say I'm the queen of denial , because I will deny it!
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My name is Monica and Im a TCS-aholic Someone HELP me!!!
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I go on posting rampages where I don't post for several days and then BAM!

Admittedly, I haven't been around as much
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But I don't want help!
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I'm not addicted at all. I can stop any time I want!
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Count me in as a lurker as well. I always check in and read around, I won't post for awhile, then I go on rampages and post all day.
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Hi, I'm Fran and I'm a TCS-aholic. The only way you can help me is to inject some more hours into each day
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Hi... My name is Jill and I am a closet TCS-aholic. My DH knows but I hide it from everyone else. I'm a social TCS'er to my friends, but I can't pretend any longer!I love TCS! I'll get off the soapbox now and let the next person talk!
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My name is Gail and I am (takes deep breath) a TCS aholic.
I just went two days without visiting and now have lots of reading to do!!
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Hi my name is Barb and I am a Lurker/poster TCS aholic. I really need help! Can someone put more hours in the day so I can be on here more?? PLEASEEEEEEEEE?????????????
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Hey my name is Cassidy count me as a lurker as well I post on when I want to and read when I don't. I go on almost everyday but not for hours only alittle at a time.
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