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does anybody here do yoga? I went to a class today. It's my second time doing it, and a first with that instructor. The first time I did it, it was an hour and a half class, and mildly challenging. Today was tough! I sweated just as much as when I do high impact aerobics! The instuctur said that there are things in yoga that you can do that give you a high impact work out, like we did today so that you get your cardio in for the day. I hadn't realized that before.

Anyway I really liked it and I'm thinking about going a couple times a week, just to mix up my work out. I do a lot of water aerobics and swimming to go easy on my joints, and this seems like a great change of pace.

So any yoga devotees out there?
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I love yoga.
I have some really great tapes with Rodney Yee that are so relxing. That's all he does is yoga and he is so cut.
My mom is trying to get me into Pilates...anyone tried it? How does it compare to yoga?
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I've never tried yoga before, but I'd love to give it a whirl someday. I really like the idea of it being relaxing, and everyone I know that has done it has loved it.

I stick to aerobics and walking right now, but maybe someone could recommend a good yoga beginners tape???
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I like Living Yoga's Yoga for Beginners series. They are all about 15-20 minutes. They come in a white box. I bought one and liked it then came across the whole series at Costco for supercheap!
Go for the Rodney Yee ones, he is great. Avoid the ones with the blonde lady, she's so perky and bossy it drives me crazy!
I really like the abs one and the lower back one. They've really helped me strengthen those areas and lessen back problems.
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I've never done Yoga before, but have always wanted to. You can really get in shape from it. Has anyone tried pillates?
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good for you for doing yoga

it really is such a good thing to do for yourself, sweetie.

i love yoga, i have a personal yoga instructor, and when i have more free time i'm going to start going in the mornings again.

that's my favourite time to go, after that i like to go for a 30 minute walk on the beach, have breakfast and go shopping.

usually for cheap books & pottery and of course (shoes)

in the next few weeks or so my mom is going to start coming to yoga with me, my instructor also does massage for backs & body, which she really needs now.
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My gym offers a ton of classes for free and yoga is one of them. (They also offer pilates). I was going to go to the classes, but the only time that I could go is on Mon nights, but I had to watch Boston Public instead. Since the show is over for the season, I might start going now.
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I love to swim laps but I am such a clumsy person. I run into the wall or the pool strings that separate the open plunge area with the laps lane. I run into those strings and its very imbarassing! I would love to do water aerobisc.
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Yeah, right, yoga. I am about as flexible as a fence post. As to Pilates, however, I did see an infomercial for some good workout videos the other day. They are pretty inexpensive and looked good. Here's the site:

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I've always been intrigued by yoga. I read an article in a magazine recently and now I really want to try it out. I have a bit of pooch on my stomach that I'd love to firm up. Would yoga help that??
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