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OH No......I think MacBeth is blind

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I had her and her brother out yesterday interacting with them under MacKenzie's watchful eye, and I think that MacBeth is either blind or has diminished eyesight. I will take her to the vet this week to find out for sure. It could just be because she was so small and fragile at birth that her eyes haven't caught up to her yet, but she does not the eye movement her brother has, nor does she seem to be able to follow any sort of object that is near her. Unlike Big Mac who pounces on everything. I will let you know when i know more.
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Oh, Hissy, I hope not. That poor little lamb has been through the mill, hasn't she? She has almost become "our" kitten, but you have all the worry and work. She also has a cleft palate, right? What a little fighter! Bless that little one.
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Hissy, BIG MAC? I guess I missed on of your posts!

Here's MY Big Mac:
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Not Big Mac, but his sister MacBeth. I take the kitties in tomorrow to get vet checked so am hoping I am wrong and her eyes are just under-developed kind of like the rest of her. But regardless if she is or isn't blind, she is still a keeper.
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Oh Hissy I hope the little babe will be ok!! Although, even if she is blind, she will still have a wonderful life with you! As you know better than almost all of us - these kind of kitties can bring the most joy and have the most fulfilling lives!! Hopefully though, it will just be a case of "her eyes catching up" ..... let us know! and to little MacBeth.
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Hissy - did you find anything out at the vet yesterday?? I've been anxiously awaiting news on this thread. Little MacBeth has been through so much already, but she has a great pair of Mommy's too look out for her - MacKenzie and you.
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The vet says her sight is diminished, but as she grows stronger he believes so will her eyes. It is just that she was so frail when she was born and her piggy brother pushed her away from mom's nipples every chance he got. I ended up having to nurse her with a special bottle that is used for baby squirrels and rabbits. The nipple is elongated and almost goes clear down their throats.

I had a late vet appointment and then other things got in the way, otherwise I would of posted sooner. The vet was surprised she was still with us! She is a cutie for sure. He also showed me where Big Mac's white outline that follows his mouth also includes a stripe down his chin and onto his chest! LOL I told you that cupboard was dark, I never noticed. Add to that the white spot on his nose and he is a doll baby. All the vet techs wanted to steal him right away from me! lol
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That's great news Hissy. MacBeth will probably end up being your Alpha female. She's definitely a fighter!

So (hint, hint) when to we get to see these little doll babies (hint, hint)?
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