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Ideas???? Angels vet appt........

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Ok that was a wasted trip! Took Angel to the vet and she couldn't tell if she was preg or not. She felt but thought she only found kidneys, bladder, and colon with some stool in it (she figured it was what it was). Didn't feel any babies. Can they always feel them around 4 1/2 weeks???????

recap it has been 31 days since Angel was let out. She was gone for 6 days. She went into heat the Sat or Sun before she was let out on Tue a.m. was still in heat mon. night..........

I started watching her nipples and the fur around them thinned, they are a light tint of pink and got a bit bigger. Still small but before they were tip of pin size! LOL And she hasn't been back into heat since so almost 5 weeks since the begining of her last heat. She has a teeny bump but nothing really noticable yet............ But vet didn't feel anything. She said a false preg. in cats is very rare and more common in dogs...........

They offered an x-ray to see if maybe it would give us a clue to what was going on, but it wouldn't show the skelatons since bones aren't formed yet and would have cost me $110! so opted out for now...........

Could she be preg? do you think she is?????? I am basically just still left watching and seeing if I see more changes........ If still no heat and not any bigger I may do an u/s in 2-3 weeks when she is about 45 days and see what is up.......... I am glad todays office visit was free since it was my first time at that office! LOL not that I mind paying but to go and get no answers and nothing really done stinks.
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HMMM I am not sure hun with Skittles I knew April 1th 3 weeks after she was out... but she is having a football time... Sorry I can not help you.... Maybe in weeks you will really see changes...
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Last year my cat Alice got out for a few days & I thought for sure she was pregnant. Her belly got bigger, she was more affectionate, was nesting & even had discharge after a couple of months. I was confused because I couldn't feel any babies or babies moving so I took her to the vet where they confirmed that she was not pregnant. She had actually had a false pregnancy. All the signs were there except for the kittens. It was pretty weird.
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In the year I've had Nina, she has gotten out 3 times. I didn't know she wasn't spayed until recently and she didn't get pregnant. Well, I should say the first two times she didn't.
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She certainly could have a false pregnancy. We've had a couple of cats we swore were pregnant and they either were just large cats or had a bad case of worms.

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With a false PG they also stop there heat cycles right....
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Amy---- speaking of how is Nina doing? I started a thead yesterday asking but it got bumped to page 2 I think...... LOL

Ok I am going crazy! IK I should just sit back and wait but I just want to KNOW one way or another! It could be a false preg. but the vet seemed to think that isnt' very common at all. She gave her a clean bill of health so that was good. But I have NO clue WHY if she isn't preg. she hasn't gone back into heat in almost 5 weeks. that is NOT like her at all once "spring time" comes.......

I hate to just "wait" another 5 weeks to see if she really is preg! LOL Thought for sure I would know by now either with a big belly (she isn't quite there for when they say they will show) or she would DEFINATELY go into heat by now.

I don't know if I should be feeding her kitten food, setting up a nesting box or what........... UGH! I just bought kitten food today too, guess maybe I should have waited. LOL
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