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Very Good Reason Not to Have "Free To Good Home" Ads. Disgusting and Shocking, beware

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People absolutely disgust me. How can we be so barbaric, sadistic and messed up in this day and age?! Warning that this article is VERY disturbing, upsetting and shocking. But is a very good reminder not to EVER offer up pets in "free to good home" ads. It involves extreme animal abuse and child abuse and is very offensive, just another warning. Read at own risk. Thank you.
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SICK SICK SICK! That is sad...why do people do these things?I'm glad he was sentenced to 12 years,hopefully he doesn't get out and do this all over again.If he does he deserves life in prison.......
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Even if you WERE abused as a kid, that gives you no right to do the same thing to anybody else. You'd think that if he felt like the only solution to his anger at what happened to him was to kill cats, he would ask for help before he found himself doing something so horrible. Somebody who resorts to such cruelty is a sociopath, plain and simple.

This may be a bit personal, but I was abused as a child myself; and I'm 23 years old now... if I hurt an animal, unintentionally (like stepping on the tail of a cat you didn't know was there) I'm horribly guilty afterwards, and the cat is sure to get about half a pouch of treats. If I hurt anyone, it's myself (not a good solution, I know; but at least nobody else suffers for it). And it doesn't take that much effort to go to your family doctor and say, "Hey, I still haven't gotten over what happened to me when I was a kid... can you recommend somebody who can help?"

You would think that if you knew what it was like to be totally at someone's mercy, to be angry and afraid and at the same time hoping for love... You'd think, if you knew that, you'd never, ever want anyone else to feel like that.

and the other unnamed animals...

I pray that this man's children will break out of the fear and horror he has forced them to see; that they will grow up knowing what love is; that they will heal from the hurts they have received.
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Ok-I think I am goin to go throw up now!!!!!! OMG That is just, uggh, I dont even have words.
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i think it is absolutely disgusting what some people do to animals.

Most people who abuse animals obviously don't have a heart, and they shouldn't be allowed to keep them. They should ALL be banned from having animals for LIFE.

It is sick and disgusting!
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That is soo horrible I have signed up to that and read some of the other stories. a kitten was chucked out of a car window. Like who in their right mind would do that. they could at least set it on the ground if they had to do anything but chucking it out of a car window its sick people.
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Oh I almost vomited when I saw that story. I have three black cats, one tuxedo cat, and one cream/white cat.....all rescued from unwanted litters during kitten season.

To think if I didn't rescue them they would end up in the hands of those people just make me feel sick in my stomach.
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I know it's a horrible article, but it really opened my eyes a bit wider about offering free animals. *Shudder* poor things...
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Urgh, people like this don't deserve to breath
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Oh my gosh, that is just horrible - those poor animals

That just makes me sick!!
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I don't even have words to describe how disgusted, repulsed, furious, and shaking I am. That was dispicable- there is NO excuse for that sick behavior! I don't hate anyone, but I HATE that man- if I met him, I mean, there's no saying what I would do. Uggghhhh!!!!!!!! I am never going to offer a pet for free.
As for those poor creatures, I hope they rest in peace, little angels. I just wish I could have saved them before they died. . .but can they have lived at peace? I wish that could have been prevented...
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I only read half of that and still feel sick...
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
I only read half of that and still feel sick...

Yes, me too.
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Maybe that article should be printed and mailed to anyone who puts out a "free to a good home" ad!! EDUCATION is needed. So many people are just so unaware...
And that monster is scheduled for mandatory release this year!! I hope that pet-abuse's articles will help the public keep their eyes out for this monster....
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Those poor innocent animals.

That man should have everything done to him that he did to those animals. . I can't believe he was allowed to have children after being convicted earlier of crimes against a child!!!

That is just too sick and twisted. I think I'm gunna .
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