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Lazy cat??

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Hi everyone its been awhile since the last time i posted here so, here is an update Wiggins is still meowing at the bedroom door at night so he unfortunately has to keep getting locked up but he doesnt seem to mind it and everyone is healthy and happy and hopped up on allegry (lol).

But a new issue has developed over the last little while, Wiggins has never been really good about cleaning his butt. It is rather disgusting actually so i have to go behind him with a Klenex and help him out a bit. But i have noticed lately that he has been rubbing his bum against the carpet (arrg) and he leaves some pretty long "skid marks" which i have to clean, this is the first time i actually caught him so i gave him hell for it although i doubt that will work.

Now i was under the impression that when i dog does this it mean he has worms is there any truth to this? If so does it mean the same thing for a cat?

Thanks for your answers

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He may need to have his anal sacs expressed - I'd give the vet a call and make an appt, and they can teach you how to do it properly next time around.

It happens...
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I agree, it could be anal sacs needing expression, worms, or even constipation. A quick trip to the vet would be the best idea.
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