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Anybody have 2+ cats that dont get along?

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I've been considering for awhile of getting a companion for Smidge.
Her days are too long alone.

If I make the commitment, I'd wish to get an older, mellow male. I think it would be a good balance for a young, shy female with lots of energy.

However, I worry about Smidge in the transistion. I've known quite a few homes where the cats never intergrated well and definately did not become friends. They simply co-exist by ignoring each other with the alpha occasionally picking fights. I only know one household where the newcomer has folded in nicely, and the rest have been kitties that came home together at the same time.

Since I take pet ownership v. seriously, this is not a decision and commitment I take lightly. I believe you adopt a cat for its natural life, plus you have a commitment to your original pet to keep him/her comfortable.

Please share your honest stories, if you have one where bringing a new cat in was later a decision that did not seem wise. (And we can hear the good stories - because they are always nice to hear!)

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What may be best for you is to find a rescue that will let you be a temporary foster home. Sit down with them and talk to them about your cats personality and they should be able to match you up with a cat they feel will be compatible. Then you "foster" the cat on a trial basis (2 to 3 weeks) and at the end of the trial period, if things work out, you become and adopter instead of a foster. If they don't, then the cat is moved onto a new foster home and you decide if you want to try a different cat.

The rescue benefits because at least one more cat has a home for several weeks and it reduces the likelyhood of you "returning" the cat if issues arise. You benefit because you are given a trial period to determine if the new cat will fit into your household and you get the knowledge that you're helping out a rescue organization.

Good Luck!

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I have a female who is almost a year old, and the advice I've gotten is to get a male kitten, that way the female maintains her status as "queen" of the household...I haven't added a new furbaby yet, though...am hoping to!!!

Best of luck whichever way you go - I think it's a great idea to find a companion for your girl!
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If you introduce the new cat to the old cat carefully, using the introduction techniques you can read about here.

Also, if you select a new cat based on how well their personalities match rather than on how cute the new cat is, this will also make a huge difference.
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I've had it work well once - and I introduced a new kitten to an already established cat - both female. The older cat sulked for a while, but eventually they were sleeping together. The cats I have now will sleep near each other and the 2 younger ones will play together. I think the temperment of the new cat has a lot to do with it. When we got our newest kitty, she was very loving, and still tries to make friends with everyone. She eventually won over Elsa, but not Tigger. I'm thinking she will take to our new kitten as well...best of luck!
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"Also, if you select a new cat based on how well their personalities match rather than on how cute the new cat is, this will also make a huge difference."

I totally agree with this. I'm one of those odd people who actually dont like kittens - as far as taking them in - of course I like them when they live elsewhere I like cats who sleep all day

When I went to the rescue place where I got Smidge, I intended on getting a 5+ year old cat. I'd prefer one plus I know they are hard to place. Instead, the only cat who wanted me was Smidge - who was 9-10 mns old or so. She was a bit too kitten for me but we perservered and she's about 2 now - and still v. young acting. I was thinking a mellow in temperment older cat would be a good match to counter Smidge. She is also quite insecure (I surmise she was abused then abandoned before the rescue) and thought a self-assured cat would have her feel safe.

Occasionally I see rescues at PetSmart that are older cats with sad stories. One I saw was a 7 y/o male, v. pretty and healthy looking. He was ditched b/c of "divorce" I wanted to take him right then!

Julia - that is a wonderful suggestion. With the way I'm built, I could never return a cat I was commited to - even if it made me and Smidge miserable day after day. It is just the way I am So to help out knowing it may or may not be temporary sounds like just the ticket. Plus then too I'd know he was safe and didnt have FELv or parasites (or whatever those letters are).

Any idea how I can find a foster group like you described?

Thank you for the replies thus far.
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I would look on petfinder for rescues in your area, then start calling and see who has a program like that. not all will. I only know of a few here in atlanta that do and they're some of the very large, very well run rescues that have their own shelters in addition to a network of foster homes.

I think it's a great idea as well. When we get a dog I think we'll go that route. It just makes so much more sense to give everyone, people and animal(s) a trial run before cementing anything.

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I have 4. 2 seniors I got at roughly the same time. They
are "friends" with the male dominant over female.

I have 3rd, female Manx, 3 yrs who arrived last year as
stray. She and male cat do NOT get along. Occassionally
he swats her in the house, and she chases him outside.
But they aren't "friends".

I have a foster just joined up with us, 8 mo. old female Siamese
mix. SHE gets along with the top male cat, the Manx
AND the senior female.

I think it is a matter of purrrrsonality. She is a sweet
and non aggressive kitty...

So, hard to say. My advice is to get a cat from a rescue
group where you can return it, if they don't work out together...

But its great you are thinking about your kitty's well being!
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