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kitten eye problem

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one of my cats kittens eyes have reclosed they dont seem sticky just a little bit of yellow I have tried bathing them with no affect and encoraging the mom to clean them is there anything i should be buying to use instead of warm water. The kitten is nearly 3 weeks old.

Thanks in advance for any advice and help
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This should help


Since the discharge is yellow, I would call the vet-It might be an infection
I heard from a very wise person here on tcs(gayef ) never to bring a kitten in the vet-CALL FIRST. There are lots of germs there that can really hurt young kittens and some vets just don't know how to treat such little ones. Good luck, please keep us updated on the little kit
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Yes the yellow does not sound good I would call the vet... Could be anything and better safe then sorry... Some things can make a cat go blind if untreated...
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I agree, you need medicine for their eyes. I have 4 1/2 wk old kittens that just developed an eye infection. It is easy to cure if you catch it now. Try to keep the eye clean and open. If the infection is allowed to sit on the eye when it is stuck shut, it can cause damage.
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Call your vet, ask what they recommend for you to do. A lot of times, the eye gets scratched in the scramble for a good feeding position and it can easily become infected. The yellow crust you mentioned in your original post sounds like the beginnings, so give them a call and see if you can get an antibiotic ointment for the eye.
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