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New grandbaby

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Got a call from Mark, last night. The kids are settled, into their new place and Sam has had a level-2 ultrasound.

The new baby is another girl and is due around the beginning of October. The kids WERE hoping for a boy and Sam is disappointed that it isn't another set of twins but, you pays your money and you takes your chances. At least, the new one will have plenty of hand-me-downs.

I've told them, that they can quit now - Christmas is getting expensive
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That's great news!!
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That is so exciting!! Congrats!!
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Girls are always fun to buy for!
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Thats very exciting - congratulations!!
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Aww-thats awesome!!! Many congrats to all of you.
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Congratulations!! atleast you dont have to buy everything Quadripple now
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Congrats on the newest addition!!!
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Congratulations Cindy!
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Congratulations Cindy!!
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, Cindy! I agree with Sarah - girls are fun to buy for.
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Congrats on your 3 "1/2" Cindy!! I have a friend due in October as well!!
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Another little Granddaughter.:
Congratulations Cindy.
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Thanks you all.

I've had three years, to get used to being a grandmother - I guess that I can handle ONE more.
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Congrats on the new grandbaby.
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Oooh, congrats! That is so exciting! Three girls...thats a LOT of pink! I will look forward to pics in the fall!
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