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This is Yoda, my oldest daughter's kitten. She just got him a couple weeks ago. She brought him over yesterday for me to put in the ear mite medicine and clean his ears because they are terrible right now. He's a little cutie but he's so black, it's hard to get a good picture of him.

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awww He reminds me of teufel when he was a baby!! awwwww!!

your daughter is so pretty!
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Robin he's gorgeous!! That last one of Yoda with your daughter is just so precious
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Awww! Yoda is so cute!
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Beautiful kitten!! And your daughter is beautiful as well!!
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Awwwwww what a beautiful black kitty! Your daugter and her new kitty look perfect together and I loved the photo of them kissing. Yoda is a cool name, are you guys Star Wars Fans? I love Star Wars too and have a tortoise named Yoda. I thought it was a perfect name since a tortoise can live for 100 years, green, and wise.

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He is a cutie pie.
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What a pretty kitty.

I wanted to add, that if you get Picasa (just go to Google and do a search for Picasa), you can use a fill light and it will lighten the pictures so you can use any picture you get of Yoda that is in focus, just a little dark. HTH.
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Aww! What a cutie patooty he is And he and your daughter look great together BTW-your daughter is very pretty.
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Melt! Melt! Melt! Melt! Melt!
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He's beautiful and sleek!!!

I actually LOVE Thomas in your signature too!
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Too cute!!
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Thanks everyone. Actually, my daughter's fiance is a Star Wars fan and they thought the kitten looked a bit like Yoda with his big ears. Although, I'm sure he'll grow into his ears at some point.

Yoda is a crack up. He wants to play so much that he actually walks around batting his paws back and forth just looking for something to swat at. He seems smart as a whip too.....learning things really fast. When Jamie brought him over yesterday, the girls (Shelby and Abby) were the ones hissing at him....but all the boys seemed fine with him and were just curious and wanted to play with him. Thomas is really the most loving with kittens. It's like he takes on the big brother role and just wants to cuddle with them. When we had that other stray female kitten, he slept with her, went everywhere with her and wouldn't let the other cats get too close. He took his self-appointed job as big brother and protector very seriously.

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Love that 3rd pic of the kitty kisses!
Too cute!
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Oh Robin, great pics! Love your siggy!!
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