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Hello from sunny SoCal!

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Hi all!

I've been lurking around this forum for awhile and decided I should finally sign up!

My husband and I are parents (no quotes here, these are my trans-specied babies) to two adorable cats that we rescued four years ago; a boy (Kinko) and a girl (Chloe).

Other cats I call my own:

I've also been mom to my first cat Charlie who lived to the nice old age of 20, though I was still very sad when he passed on. Unfortunatly, my mother had him declawed (hey, I was 3! My two that I have now are not and they are both indoor cats).

My husband also has a childhood cat named Charlie (declawed as well ) that lives with his parents, though I baby him every time I see him. He was a pretty mean cat, but now that he's 10, he's gotten to be amazingly loveable.

And recently, I rescued a stray two year old I named Jeffrey. Unfortunatly, my little girl did not like him at all (maybe she could smell that he wasn't fixed when we caught him) and even after the vet visit she still couldn't stand him. So, he's now living with my great-aunt and causing lots of mischief to her delight.

My husband and I are hoping to add a couple more cats into our life in the very near future.

Well, happy posting, and it's great to be here!

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Welcome to TCS Heather!!
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Say hello to Kinko and Chloe for me, I would love to see some pictures soon. I hope my cats live at the age of 20 like Charlie. I am sure you miss him especially when a cat has been in the family for as long as him. My cat Quincy is my oldest at 13 and he is very special since we have so many memories together. My 3 other cats were adopted together and they are a year now. Quincy puts up with them.

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Hi! Welcome to TCS!!! You'll have so much fun here!
See you on the forums!!!!
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Hi, Welcome to TCS

I hope you enjoy your visits
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Hi there Heather, Welcome to TCS! I'm new too.
I love seeing other peoples cats, maybe you could post some pictures of yours?
I only have one cat myself. A little Calico tortie called Simon.
Anyway, hello and welcome
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Hi! I'm a newbie here too! I also have two kitty babies who I love very much. Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome! It sounds as if you have had some wonderful kitties in your life.

If you have any questions about the site, click on my user name and send me a message. I will do my best to help you!
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Wow thanks for all the lurve!

I posted some kitty pics for y'all and I can't wait to dig into the forums!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums!
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Welcome to TCS from a fellow So Calif cat person I have 8 Kitties and a Basset named Zoie, hope you enjoy the site, if you need any help just Meow
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Welcome to TCS! Hope that you enjoy it here! lol! I know that I do!
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Welcome to TCS prepare to become addicted... Also we love pictures hint hint
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