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In a quandry...

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I've only had the one litter of Abyssinians so far and I'm very pleased with them...the cats are NOT the problem!!! My problem is this...the same kitten is wanted by everybody whom has asked for an Aby kitten. The kitten's home name is Sleepy (Masmera Wira Manja) and just about every one's favourite (incl. me!) due to the fact that he's the best of the lot, breed standard wise and purssonality wise...

I'm not even sure if I want to sell him now or wait until he's retired from show (he'll be neutered before 8 months)...

Please tell me, breeders...did you sell your first litter??? It's so hard to decide...I know the kittens will go to good homes - all the new owners have been interviewed more than once and I've made home visits to!!!

What should I do? Any advise welcome!
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In my first litter we only had one kitten - a Tortoishell Persian. After a lot of thinking we decided to sell her as a pet. She was gorgeous and looking back I wish I had of kept her.

Do you think you should keep her? Do you have both of his parents? Is he doing well at the shows? What plans have you got for your future breeding plan?

Consider everything before you make your final decision. It may be good to sell him and get your cattery name out there. Especially if he is a good example of the breed. I love Abys! Any pics?
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I have both parents of Sleepy - I'm planning the next mating to be August of this year. We don't have that many shows in Malaysia but the largest one (8 rings) will be held in July. I had had already decided that this litter will not be for breeding as I don't have, yet, a sufficient number of foundation cats to close my cattery...all the kittens have been registered as "Not for Breeding" anyway - a decision I made months ago!

I know that both Show kittens Sleepy and Dodo (male and female respectively) will do well at the shows...

In the end, what I don't want is to regret selling him/them off too soon before I see the results of showing...is that selfish of me?
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No, not selfish. They are your kittens.

If they aren't going to be used for breeding then I would let them go as show pets and perhaps keep a female from your next litter.
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I'm definately keeping a female from the next litter and a male if the litter is the same size as the first one...I told the most persistant of buyers that he'll have to wait until I see the results from the July show...if either kitten places in the Top 5 then I'm gonna chase CFA International Division Winner status for the highest placing kitten - that means I'm gonna have to fly all around Asia showing. Between early July and end August there's around 20 rings before my kittens hit the 8 month mark...

If they don't show well then I'll let the new owners show them under Premiership...

This seems fair doesn't it???
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If he's that good to show, then I'd sell him as a show alter or co-own so he can be shown and you can establish credibility in your cats. If he's only going as a pet, then keep him and show him yourself and place him later.

If you keep a female out of your cats, who will you breed her to? You can't go back and breed to a parent.
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Thanks for replying Golden Kitty,

Hmmm, I hadn't thought of co-ownership...thanks!!! If I co-own, how do I finally relinquish ownership once he's officially retired from show?

To answer your breeding question, I'm expecting another male import sometime in October/November and am in the middle of negotiations - actually I'm negotiating for a pair from different lines (at least 8 generations different). I'm hoping that the US judge that's coming to judge the show will bring them in with him...I can start showing the new cats in December and start breeding new lines by early/mid 2007.

We only have 3 or 4 shows a year which means we have to travel a lot to different countries in Asia to show to get our GCs/GPs faster and chase for DWs. The cat fancy is really growing in Asia (outside of Japan) and it's an exciting time for us serious breeders in Malaysia.
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Not positive, but I would think you just sign off on the papers as if you are transferring ownership...like if you bought an adult from someone and had to sign the new ownership papers.

You might have to get another copy of the registration papers or sign off on the back - check with the association rules.
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Ok, Thanks!!!
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I co-own Meeka. I own her as a pet, my breeder owns her breeding rights. As long as she owns breeding rights I have to use her studs. When breeding rights are transfered to me in sole ownership then I can use any stud. She is helping me get started but if I choose not to continue then I won't owe the cost of breeding rights.
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