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4 week old jaw grinding?!?!

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Hi - My bf found a 4 week old abandoned kitten yesterday at his heavy machinery repair shop in the basket of a 60ft boom. He quickly fell in love with this little cutie and brought him home to me and of course I fell in love with him too. We noticed he was having diarrhea and decided to take him to the vet to get an overall checkup and the vet said he was okay, all he needed was a little love. So today it seemed like he was doing fine until it came time to eat. The vet said to try both KMR and wet kitten food so I tried feeding him KMR in a bottle and tried every way possible to do this but he would not take the bottle no matter what. So I then tried putting the KMR and some dry cat food in a bowl and he would not eat this either. So then I went to Petsmart and bought some wet weaning kitten food and this is the only thing he would eat but now there is the problem of his jaw making a horrible grinding and clicking sound. I don't know if this is just his teeth coming in or if there is a much more serious problem. I made an appt. at the vet for tomorrow afternoon but I'm wondering if this is just a common problem that I'm just worrying to much about. Please help!
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I would tell the vet he's doing that. Maybe he broke his jaw or dislocated it? I can't imagine what else it could be... poor baby.
Kudos to you for taking her in.
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Oh, and is he eating okay and going potty? Make sure he keeps down that KMR.
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Thank you for the support. We decided to name our little guy Gizmo and he seems to be doing okay for now. He is still eating little bits at a time but every time he eats it sounds like it hurts him so much. It sounds like there are bones in his jaw that are grinding together. I'm worried for him and I hope its not a broken jaw but I think it probably is. We are going to the vet this afternoon and I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Thanks again for your support.
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Hi again. Well being a new worried mom I was indeed worried for no reason lol. All that was wrong is that his teeth grind together a little bit when he eats so its nothing serious. We did find out though that he has conjunctivitis in both his eyes so we got some meds for that. But I'm happy to report all is well and my baby Gizmo will be fine.
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I am so glad to hear that it wasn't a broken jaw! Welcome to TCS, and welcome, Gizmo!
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Yay! Thank goodness! I probably would have gotten concerned, too... this is why I couldn't ever have real children, I'd be taking them to the doctor every time some little thing was wrong. I must say, however, that you have very sensitive ears.

Hopefully her teeth will outgrow the position they are in... Now you have to show us pics!
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