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Well Storms kittens are now 11 weeks old, almost 12. We have the three, my mom made me give away Shadow though which really hurt me.

But anyways, Lucky doesnt seem to no that bitting really hard REALLY hurts the person hes bitting. He bit me this morning really hard, hard enough that there was blood dripping from my thumb for a good 5 mins (it was all over my hands *shudders*. Before that every time he bit me, I'd tap his nose and say a "No!". Which seemed to work for maybe 10 mins. I no its not his fault, cuz hes playing but I've never had a kitten bite this hard all the time, I have 10 punchur marks from him biting me 2 days ago while I was playing with him and every time he bit me I'd tap his nose and say no, but the last time I smaked his butt and put him at the end of the bed and started to read, which seemed to work, he came back and curled up and went to sleep on my stomach. Then today, he was playing with my blanket and I went to pick him up and he turned around and bit, really hard (hence the bleeding). I ended up smaking his butt again (not really hard, but hard enough that he new he did something wrong) and kinda droped him at the end of the bed while I got up to go to the washroom and take care of my cut.

Hes not aggressive, its just when hes playing and get over playfull I think, but how can I teach him that bitting is bad? At least that hard. I play fight with Storm, and she no's not to bite hard, same with the other kittens I say not hard and they stop and look at me. Lucky will sometimes, but he still bites really hard most of the time.
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I would make a loud nose like OOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH when he would bite you that way he knows it hurts.
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I've done that as well, but it didnt seem to work. I'll keep on doing it though *nods*
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I think it would be confusing for them to be able to bite you sometimes but not other times.
I wouldn't let them bite at all as soon as he bites, stop all play and ignore him.
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I would actually do a search for "biting" using the search feature at the top of this page. There are probably a lot of people who have asked questions about dealing with a cat or kitten that bites (most likely in the behavior section) so when you enter the key word "biting" any post with that word will come up. Hopefully you will find a solution that works for you.

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I've read on the boards before, and successfully used, this advice:

As *soon* as it happens, hold the cat by the scruff, pushing its head down to the floor... not in a mean way, but just firmly like their mom would do (it's a correcting motion). Hold that for a few seconds, then let go. This needs to be done quickly, so the cat "gets" the connection between the biting and the correcting.

Then, ignore the cat. They need to learn that the behavior is not going to get them any attention.

This will take some time, but it does work. Good luck!
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My little ones are 4 weeks old and are already biting. It doesn't really hurt yet but we want to put a stop to it before they get bigger. When they bite our toes or fingers now we SCREAM in a very loud and highpitched voice. Every time we do, they just about jump out of their fur and run away. They're not biting much anymore. And they always come back for more loving and attention so it doesn't make them scared of us.
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TNR1: Lol, thanks. I keep forgetting theres a search feature here *smakes head*

CurlyQ629: Thats a good idea, I'll try that, thanks!

Momof3Cats&Kids: Lol I'd do that, but most of the time when they bite, its really late (well its early, 2amish, to the morning and my mom and dad wouldnt be too happy if I screamed and woke them up, but it does seem like a good idea. I've said Owwch pretty load (when everyones a wake) and they jump back and just stare at me, then go back to biting
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