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Tuffy is a big pest!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone, Lately anything I am looking at or working on Tuffy has to climb on me and bite and chew on it. If I use my cell phone he has to chew on the antenna or the cord to the charger if its plugged in. If I have the TV remote he has to chew on that. If I am writing he has to chew on the end of the pen. He tries to chew on my wedding ring on my finger. He has took the end of my finger in the corner of his mouth and bit down so hard I had to yell. He will chew on my car keys if I have them in my hand. But as soon as put whatever he is interested in down he could care less about it. Whats wierd is he never bothers me while I am eating.

I am a little confused as to why he started acting this way the last couple weeks. Anywhere I go in the house he follows me to see what I am doing. I can't even go outside without a fight with him so he don't follow me outside. I thought he just wanted to go outside but he never tries to get out if Yvonne goes in and out, just when I do.

I like that he likes me but he drives me nuts some times. I give him allot of attention when I am in the house and he is not sleeping and he plays with Panther and Rusty allot so I don't know how he could be lonely.

He don't seem to be getting sick or hurting, at least not that I can tell yet if he is. I hate to bother the vet with something like this, I am sure she will laugh it off as nothing.

Can anyone help me figure out what is going on with him? Maybe I am over reacting because of how sick he was when I first got him and how long it took to get him healthy again. When ever he coughs or sneezes I get worried his infection is coming back.

I am sorry to bother everyone with this. Its probably nothing, just the way he is.
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How old is Tuffy? If he is a kitten, he may be teething. Otherwise, I just don't know. Could he be bored? Or trying to get you to play with him? When my 10 week old kitten bites on me and other things I don't want chewed, I growl at her like a momma cat. ! It works on the grown cats, too, but I did that to them when they were kittens, and they know that I mean it. Sorry, that's all I've got. I hope someone else has more .
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Hasn't Tuffy been sick lately or something? Sorry, got "old-timers" disease tonight! My Tigger starts in on me as soon as I sit down - has to be on me, nudging me, follows me EVERYWHERE, even into the bathroom, or meows outside it. But she HATES to be picked up. So she has this "need to be close, just not too close" kind of thing. Does that sound a bit like Tuffy? Tigger also lost her owner, an elderly lady who died a couple years ago, and I think she's insecure.
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We don't know how old he is, The vet tech looked at his teeth and guessed he was maybe 3 to 4 years old.

He was a stray that found me while we were camping last August. He was a real mess, We didn't know if he would even make it for a while. it was a long fight and lots of antibiotics but he finally came around, thats why I named him Tuffy. Even as sick as he was he never complained, even having to be in a big dog carrier out in the garage for about 2 weeks all by himself so he wouldn't get or other cats sick.

Yes Tigger sounds allot like Tuffy except Tuffy wants me to pick him up and carry him all over the place. The only time he gets upset is if I bother him while he is sleeping, even if it is just soft petting. He pounds his tail and if I don't stop he will get up and go someplace else and plop down and go back to sleep.

As far as teaching Tuffy not to do something forget it, when he makes up his mind he wants something nothing is going to stop him, its almost like he gets tunnel vision and he could care less about anything around him except what he wants to do. He can be very stubborn and he is very set in his ways. I can amost use him as a clock by what he is doing at different times of the day.

There are plenty of times I wonder where he came from, if he was dumped off, or if he came to the campground in someones camper and he got out and took off and got left there, or if he was just a barn cat who wondered off. Sometimes wonder when he sits and looks out the window for hours if he misses where he came from or he is waiting for someone to come find him.

If he had always acted like this I wouldn't be wondering about it, but he has started to act like this now that it is warm out and I spend allot more time outside away from him. He got fixed a couple months ago so maybe that has something to do with his changes.
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He's jealous of everything you bother with that isn't him! He wants 24/7 attention and will go to crazy lengths to get it. Do play with him as much as possible, and be patient, all stages come to an end eventually, even if it takes a long time.
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Chuckie is like that as well, he's a very needy boy! Not only does he do the following and the chewing but also meows and meows for attention (and treats )
I think some cats are just more insecure than others and Tuffy has been through a lot so maybe now he just want reassurance that you're still there for him...just my thought.
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The growling thing works with my cats when they do something that annoys me. The other thing that works when they are trying to get my attention in an annoying way is picking them up and placing them outside the room with the door shut without any affection. They will soon learn that when they do that they get taken out of the room and will stop.
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Except when Dexter is sleeping or messing with his sister Sadie, he insists on being close to me.
Right now he is between my eyes and the monitor...our daily challenge.
Dexter is my co-dependent kitty.
But this is not a change in behavior for him.

Because this is a change in behavior for Tuffy & he recently had a health issue ( has his bleeding stopped?) I would keep a close watch on him. He may be trying to tell you something about his health and need a vet workup, including a blood panel to rule out a physical problem.

If not...enjoy his love & consider yourself lucky.
Please...keep us updated about what you decide.
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He sounds a little needy and insecure... and definately jealous. I know, cause I think sometimes I am like this with my hubby!

Maybe just a phone call to the vet would do the trick....
I have heard of males becoming "nicer" or "more affectionate" after being neutered...
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I am thinking that he was all alone when her was younger and now that he knows you love him and feed him and show him attention he just can't get enough of you. But if this has happened just all of the sudden then a vet check is most likely in order just to be on the safe side. Growling and hissing does work to teach them no if he checks out fine and just likes to bother you!
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