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Snowball update

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For those of you who don't know ... I found snowball in the parking lot of a grocery store when she was approx 3 weeks old. She is now 5 1/2 weeks old and doing great ... I will update with photos tomorrow... She is still drinking out of the bottle ... she refuses to eat normal kitten food. She is able to pee and poo on her own but I have to keep the litter box in the same room with her (lesson learned). she is WILD! She loves to play, run, and harrass my chihuahua. She has doubled in size and she is def a porker (she is biting my ankle as I type). I am going to make her a vets appt for the first week in june. She is still all white .. and still has those gorgeous blue eyes. She is finally cleaning her ownself (THANK GOODNESS).

She loves feet, especially feet with socks on. She still walks backward but it's hilarious. She is now running and jumping and she stands on her back feet to attack my chihuahua (He just ignores her). Her trademark move is lying on her back and attacking your hands/feet.

Thank you to everyone at TCS for helping me in my time of need!
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What fantastic news! I can't wait to see the updated pictures!!!
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So glad she is doing well.

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I've been thinking about her on and off! I've been wondering how she's doing. Sounds like you've done just super with her...she's starting to enter into the crazy kitten phase, which can be fun and nerve-racking at the same time! I can't wait to see pictures.
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Sounds like she is doing great. However...I must warn you that often bottle babies grow up to be naughty little kitties! I know it is cute that she is biting your hands and feet now....but it is a very bad habit. If she had a Momma cat, by 5-1/2 weeks she would be getting a good dose of discipline for playing too rough!

What I have heard is that you never allow them to play rough with your hands. Get a stuffed animal to "wrestle" with her when she wants to play rough. And playing with the dog is sweet, too...he probably won't let her get too rough! Get some sting toys for her to chase. A favorite toy for kittens is a straw (like from a drink). They just love to chase a straw around. (Be sure not to leave the strings or straws alone with her...she could choke.)

You have done a great job of saving this precious baby's life. Now be careful that you don't raise her to be a stinker!
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I am glad she is doing so well... Way to go Snowball...
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So nice to hear an update. I'll forever giggle at myself for "diagnosing" a dirty pawed, dirty faced white kitten as a colorpoint
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What a great update! Sounds like she's doing well and very happy! Can't wait to see new pics!
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
So nice to hear an update. I'll forever giggle at myself for "diagnosing" a dirty pawed, dirty faced white kitten as a colorpoint
Don't feel bad I thought she was a CP too!! Lol....
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