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Good News!

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In March when I went to the doctor, I was told to lose weight and lower my cholesterol or I would need to start taking meds to lower the cholesterol. I already take meds for my high BP and also a blood thinner so I did NOT want to take MORE pills everyday.

While I haven't gotten the results for the blood tests, my doctor was very impressed that I have lost weight!


YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I need to lost a lot more weight but this is a fantastic start!
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Good job!!! Congratulations!!!
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Congratulations!! Good work!
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Thats awesome!

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AWESOME! I wish I could loose some weight! I think I found 10 pounds! YIKES!
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Great job! I'm a little jealous, but fortunately I am big enough to be able to be happy for you.

(I need to do the same thing!)
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This is super news.
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Good for you!!!Keep going, keep if only I can lower my cholesterol without meds, I'd be over the moon!!!!
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That is wonderful news!! Have you tried to help you stay on the weightloss band wagon? Its great. I am a member there as well (brandil21) and there are forums and groups of people that will encourage you and even menus that you can track what you eat. They give healthy recipies and all sorts of neat stuff. Keep Up the good work!!
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Congratulations! That's fantastic!
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Congratulations - that's fantastic Good for you on your achievement - keep going. Hopefully, you won't be needing those meds!
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