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Brooklyn Parrots

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I think it can be said that these spunky dudes have managed to fill the niche left vacant for many decades by the long extinct Carolina Parakeet.

A wonderful site on the feral Monk Parrots (AKA Quaker Parakeets) living in Brooklyn.
Brooklyn Parrots

One of my parrots is a Quaker, and I just love these tenacious little clowns.
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I was once really wanting to get a Quaker! (I really love birds after my Ralphred especially! ) I've read quite a bit about them, and they are so cute!!! I hear that they are REALLY mischevious! lol! I myself love cockatiels and other more generally 'calmed' birds!!! I just love how individual birds are though, just like cats... lol!
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Well, let's see.....
I've bird sat my brother's quaker a few times, and in my opinion I think it should be against urban nusiance noise regulations to have more that one quaker to a home .

I really love these guys, but they are quite stubborn and very mouthy
Abby tells me off quite loudly at least once a day.

They are top notch talkers though, they are the second top talker of the parrots with African Greys being the best.

I would not trade either of my birds for the world.
They cuddle and snuggle and preen my eyebrows and give kisses and tell me they love me.
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I actually heard that there was a budgie that beat the record! I was surprised! lol! I would like to put a picture of my friend's cockatiel up on here, but I don't know how...I tried the 'Insert Image', and it came up with a URL that you have to insert-doesn't that mean a website or something? Is there a way that I could just download my images or something by using the 'browse' or should I use the site that makes the picture into a code, too, and then copy and paste the code into here? lol!
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You need to upload your images to a site like photobucket.
The budgie you speak of did beat the vocabulary record, but he was very, very hard to understand.

Kinda like my macaw, he talks, but unless you know him, you'd have a hard time understanding what he was talking about.
He also uses the wrong words for things.

Abby, my quaker, will say "Want some?" when she wants to share your food with you, and "thank you" when you give her some.
Murphy, my macaw, will say "want some?" to ask for food, but it also means thank you to him.
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Awww! That's cute about the birds! Thanks! lol-would you be able to put up some pictures of your birds?

His tail feathers aren't in the best shape though...
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No pics of Abby, she goes balistic on cameras
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Oh, that stinks! lol! Your Hahns Macaw is adorable! Did you get him from a pet store? lol!
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@#$%## No!
I would never support the sales of cats, dogs, or exotics at pet stores, especially since most don't even have any business selling fish!
Sorry, hot subject.
Abby was a rescue, Murphy came from a breeder.
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I do agree with you there! I only got my rat Bozley and my Hamster (long time ago about the hamster) at the pet store. I got Bozley, my pet rat, from SuperPet. The ones that I went to are located in Ottawa, and the staff there seemed very educated in their animals, but I hated one of the pet stores that was located closer to me...now there is a SuperPets closer to me too, but I found that it didn't seem as good! I don't really like pet stores either...the one that was located near me before, I hated-I actually saw a tick on the kitten through its cage, went to the staff and wouldn't leave until they took the tick off-and they actually had me help! it REALLY annoyed me that they hadn't even checked the kittens over to see that they were healthy! The funny thing is that when he pulled the tick off, the puss stuff went all over his hands and stuff! That's what he gets! lol!
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