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How Cute Is She???

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ok maybe not a kitten... but my parents added a new member to their family.

She is a purebred St. Bernard. 7 weeks old and already 20lbs!
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She is so pretty!!! I love the face of a St. Bernard.
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Oh my gosh! I have ALWAYS wanted a St. Bernard!

I'm in love!
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Awww too cute!!! I love st bernards! they are just to big for me to have because of my kids!
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I grew up with saints! they are the most gentle big dog! they like to hug.... my parents last one did. she kinda leaned on you, it was her way of hugging. She died a year ago.... and my parents still have kids at home so they needed another dog... They want to name her MoonShine.
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AAAW!! she's adorable 20 lbs already huh? almost as much as my 2 full grown dogs
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St Bernards are so cute and innocent
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How cute!! She looks so cudddly!!!
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I am in love!! She is way too adorable!!
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What a beeyoooteeeful baby!!!

When I was about 4 years old the people across the street had one and I used to get rides on his back!

I just love them!!!
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yup I did that when I was young and my parents had Whiskey.
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So CUTE!!!
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Awww so lovely
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I wish that I could see the picture(s), but for some reason I can't! OMG! I tried it again (later) and your Saint Puppy is adorable!
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So do you know how big she is going to get...
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She isn't my dog she is my parent's puppy. But yes we know how big she is going to get. my parents have had I think 9 St. Bernards. I was around for 3 of them. but I only remember 2 because Whiskey died when I was really young. Patches had seirous problems and died at only 2 years old... on Good Friday. Candy (lived 12 years) was the one I remember the most. she was a big baby. but scared alot of people because she didn't like people in her garage, she was also put down on good friday, a year ago. So we talked my mom (who is running out of "babies" to take care of) into getting another baby... Not to mention that my cat (who stayed there) died about 3 months ago..
Nicky was a mean cat though. She hated me for leaving her there but wouldn't have done well anywhere else. they took good care of her.
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