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What's your cats favourite?

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Hey guys ,

I was just wondering, whats your cats favourite human foods(that they probably shouldn't be eating)? My kitty adores cream cheese and pro-biotic yoghurts (especially Raspberry). I can tell she's definately not eating it just to be polite (as if a cat would!).When i offer her my yoghurt top, she laps it up and closes her eyes with sheer delight lol.
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Zoey seems to like some meats turkey seems to be a fav ... Kandie loves butter
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Ginger's favorite, paws down, is Thai Chicken Satay, with the green curry. She goes CRAZY for it! Regular chicken, eh, she likes a taste, but she'll devour chicken satay!!!

She also loves spaghetti and lime popsicles. Only the lime ones. She's tried other flavors, but they just don't do it for her. However, if I pull a green pop out of the freezer, she's IN MY FACE until I give in and let her share it with me, her at one end and me at the other. She also likes lemon sorbet. (And I thought cats don't like citrus?)

Oh, she also wants me to mention to you that she enjoyed her taste of pistachio ice cream, and looks forward to her next taste.
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Phenom is a big fan of the last few drops of milk Lee leaves in his cereal bowl after he eats Reese's Puffs. She isn't to picky. She likes just about anythign that lands on the floor or she can snatch off you plate while you run to get a drink!!
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Shamie is up in my face when I'm eatting mac and cheese, bbq chicken from the back yard grill (I do give him a little of both). He will sit and stare at my hubby when he's eatting cereal (hubby doesn't share). He does give him some of his bbq chicken though. LOL
When our daughter is snacking on Cheeze Its or Cheetos he won't leave her alone until she give him one that he just licks.

When I first got him and asked the lady what she was feeding him she said whatever is on sale. Since I feed my dogs Solid Gold, I put him on the Katz-n-Flocken kibble and Solid Gold canned. I keep his bowl of kibble up on the wide/deep bathroom window ledge so the dogs dont eat it. I had no idea I had to watch the cat from eatting the dogs food. It took me about a month to break Shamie from eatting dog food. I started thinking that Shamie was also eatting dogs food at his other home because she had a Maltese.
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Stinky likes to eat bacon when we make it for breakfast.. Lucy and Sassy don't really eat our food, but you can't keep them away from your drinks..
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Sibohan loves bread and Duke loves frozen yogurt but not regular yogurt
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Sapphire refuses to eat people food, and believe me I've tried she doesn't even really like tuna
Simon loves French fries and chicken nuggets
as far as I can remember I have not fed Antigone or Pandora people food, I don't really like to, the FF and nuggets are a special treat for Sime, which he usually does not deserve because he is a brat!!
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Zakk likes shrimp the best I think b/c you can play with it! He also likes cheese, my cactus plant, any kind of meat and corn? He's will to at least sniff just about anything!

the others are quite as stir crazy for the human food, but they will have a bit of any kind of protein product.
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All mine like chicken and Trixie loves cream of any kind, whipped, ice ,etc.
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Pixel loves fried chicken. she doesn't like the breading, just the chicken! Java likes cheese pretty well. chip seems to like yogurt - he always licks my yogurt cup when i'm finished.
i have yet to find something [other than yogurt!] that Cable doesn't like...or at least want to try. she's my vacuum kitty!
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Reilly loves lunch meat (any type) and cheetos chips
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Sierra and Serenity both enjoy Lima beans and black eyed peas, as well as an occasional pinch of bread. They will both lick Extra Virgin Olive Oil straight from the dish, and Serenity also adores Italian cut green beans.
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Freckles isn't really interested, but Bob likes provolone cheese. He licks it off my fingers. I found out what food he doesn't like the other night - Diet Pepsi! He recoiled and wouldn't let me near him until the can was gone and I brushed my teeth.
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Sash loves shrimp and he meows like crazy whenever we have them. He also loves vanilla cupcakes and pop-tarts.
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Not that they get it often, but they all love ice cream and yogurt. I made a really bad mistake of allowing Scarlett sniff my pork sandwich once and she grabbed a bite before I could stop her. Since that time, she begs for food anytime we have anything with a hint of pork in it (even seasoned sausages).
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Trout loves cereal...she tries to stick her paw in it everytime I'm eating it.
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Kitters loves and would kill for broccoli! She also likes any bread product and pork rinds.
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Dazee politely insists on being offered a sniff of whatever someone is eating. She only will take a bite if it is plain chicken.

Mazee doesn't really care about people food.

Chanzee enjoys carrots & lettuce.

Grazee favors bread & potato items - crackers, potato chips.
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dEUS does not like people food, Ernesto only likes some vegetables like lettuce and spinach, but they won't even touch cooked chicken, they're strictly raw kitties.

Mimosa likes all kinds of diary products and mussels, which are an excellent source of taurine (I live in Zeeland which is famous in Europe for its mussels, we eat them a lot).

Flynn loves almost all people food, especially pastries/cake. Apparently his mother loves those too, when we visited the cattery before Flynn was born she tried to steal the chocolate cake my boyfriend was eating.
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I used to have two cats that enjoyed vegemite.
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Jaffa loves peanut butter. And anything dairy. Mosi hasn't really sampled human foods yet but he does love to lick out yogurt cartons (and gets it all over his face which is very cute!)
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Wow! I didn't know there was such diversity among cat's tastes. I feel bad that i may of been depriving mine of potential favourites such as virgin olive oil, vegemite, lime popsicals and Thai chicken Satay with green curry! lol.
I've let Simon know that theres some cats out there who are a lot more adventurous than her and i'm going to let her try more stuff. Mind you my kitty already has the look of a cat who's 'had plenty' so i better watch the amount of stuff i give her!
(Please post your cat's tastes, if you haven't already, i really did enjoy reading those!)
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LOL I never offered my cats vegemite just found them licking it off my toast one day!
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Originally Posted by laureen227
Pixel loves fried chicken. she doesn't like the breading, just the chicken! Java likes cheese pretty well. chip seems to like yogurt - he always licks my yogurt cup when i'm finished.
i have yet to find something [other than yogurt!] that Cable doesn't like...or at least want to try. she's my vacuum kitty!
LuckyGirl is my vaccuum kitty too!! She will eat anything!!!! And LOVES my nephew...he's 1 and says "Lucky eat" she stands on her hind legs and he feeds her cheese curls...
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Katie goes crazy for any dairy products - milk, cheese, yogurt, whip cream, also anything with spaghetti or tomato sauce, and ground beef with taco seasoning. That doesn't mean she gets any of this stuff, she just devises ways to try to get it!

Gracie begs for cereal bars and poptarts, especially strawberry flavor.

So, far my youngest really haven't shown much interest in people food.
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Well...Rambo will eat anything and everything (and isn't ashamed to snatch it right off your plate!) Lucky's main human food addiction is cheese. She knows the sound of the cheese packet coming out of the fridge and will appear from all ends of the house to beg for cheese!
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My cat Taffy loves ice Cream but Misty is not crazy about human foods but they both got some canned salmon today when my mom made salmon sandwiches for lunch.

No mayo though.
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My cats arent picky Well with the exception of Gus They all like cheese, meat, cottage cheese, bread, butter....LOL, told ya, they arent picky. No they dont get any of this on a daily occasion, but with a 2 y/o around, they do probly get more than they should.
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