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I need direction..

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I decided today that I should say goodbye to my kitty Moose. I need all your expertise and kind words. My best lil' girl Moosie, part himi/tabby mix, is a doll and has been with me for a long time, 13 years. I got her as a kitten and has been a delight through the years. I think she is sick and seems to be only getting worse. For last 6 months the really does not get to the liter box like she did, she is constantly looking at me meowing like she wants something, and now she is continously vomiting. She seems more nervous and uptight than before and she just is not like she used to be. I wish she would show me she is in pain, because she does not seem like she is even when she meow's it is a meow like she wants something, to be picked up or petted, not that she is hurting. Today I noticed she has lost another tooth, this time her front fang tooth and realized that is why her food has been coming up unchewed. Please someone tell me it is her time to go and that I am doing the right thing to put my baby down. I just need to know it is that time. I see her lying in her window bed and she seems peaceful sleeping and so why put her down if she is okay? I do not feel like a vet will be able to fix all these things and I dont want her in pain if that is the problem. I feel in my heart it is time to let go, I know she has lead a GREAT, plush life that any kitty would want. Can you ladies help me please. What can I do to make these last days better. Am I wrong? Please help, my heart is breaking with this decision.

Will being put to sleep hurt her? Will she just falls asleep? Any words to help me would be great.
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Hi! I'm sorry you are going through this. Have you taken her to a vet? what did the vet say about her condition? I had my Molly put to sleep after talking it over with my vet. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.
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Well I spoke with the vet tech today and with all of what I told them she is going through there words were "she has had a good run" and you need to go with your heart. She also said 13 years is a long time and maybe her meowing at me is her way of saying I don't feel right. I could have her looked at but 13 is up there in age right? I guess that is what I am looking at, at this point. I just feel so strongly if her quality of life is not going to be there, I should not keep her around for my selfish reasons. Know what I mean? It is so hard.
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13 is up there, but many cats live longer Personally, I would never have a cat put to sleep without being looked at by a vet. What if it is something simple that can be easily treated?
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You are right. I did ask them though about her teeth and now how she is down to only a few which is so odd because I would have them cleaned and such at the vet through the years, but they did not really give me much hope as they just said she is old and maybe this is her time.

Maybe I need a 2nd opinion. I just worry with the loss of bms and urine and also her GI stuff, do I want to put her through all that? I just dont know.
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There is no one way to know for sure it is time to let your cat go. Your vet will be able to let you know whether there is anything that can be done to help Moose get better or whether it would be most kind to have Moose put to sleep.

Euthanization involves insertion of a needle into a vein and then injecting a solution that causes a quick death. The needle hurts, but from what I understand, there is no pain beyond this. Unconsciousness comes very quickly (within seconds) though it may take several minutes for their heart to stop beating.

This is such a hard thing to have to do and making the phone call to the vet is difficult to do as well. But, I think that talking to your vet about this will be the most important thing for you to do right now.

My thoughts are with you.
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I don't think 13 is that old. My precious Snoopy lived to be 20. True 13 is a senior cat, but I don't see a reason to give up on the cat, especially if the cat hasn't actually seen a Vet to get a diagnosis. At least take her to the vet and see what is wrong with her. She may have a treatable illness. It sounds like she's had it for quite a while now. Please don't give up on her just because she's older. If she's been a good and loving friend for you for many years, she's worth it.

By the way, no one can give you a diagnosis over the telephone, especially a lab tech. I think this cat needs to be seen by a vet, first, and he or she will decide whether this cat is too sick to live.
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I offer you that as an example to compare to your experience. my old girl's quality of life is not what it was, but it is FAR from being poor quality or suffering. She is a taby mix and is 19. She has 4 canines and 1 molar. She eats canned and dry food with little problems. her gums have hardened allowing her to continue to eat without assistance. she has had this many teeth for 5 or more years now.
She would often vomit food when we were feeding her what our other cats eat. Especially when it was foods with lots of dyes like friskies or 9 lives.
We have her on a precription diet for sensitive systems which has really really helped the vomiting, but she still eats more than she can handle and vomits half digested food.

she has trouble with the bathroom from time to time and every so often her BMs are not as firm as they used to be. and often she goes over the side of the litter box. I find that a reminder of where her litter box helps.

Her eyes are bright and clear but she doesnt hear like she used to, and her leg muscles are not what they used to be so jumping and playing is not as active as it was in her younger days.

She has gotten into the habbit of following everyone of us around the house and meowing at us. or just sitting there meowing for attention. which we freely give. begging at the table is now a routine where she never did before.
She often roams around howling with that "mewrrrooowwwl" especially at night when its bed time. a quick call of her name, or a pet on the head stops it.
She will sit and stare at you for hours while you watch tv as if to tell you something. But give you huge headbuts and purrs when you reach out for her.

I believe that cats like people get a little senile in their old age and just need that little reminder that they are not alone. and they become more needy with all day to day things in life. just getting older i guess. happens to us all.

From what you have typed it sounds like your kittie is getting old, but not necessary needs to be put to sleep. a good second opinion would be best from a vet and much more valuable than my words.
a vet that will tell you that putting the animal asleep is last option would be best. a vet that tells you that 13 years is a long run and agrees with you to put her to sleep is basically agreeing with you. IMHO
Euthanization of a pet is not an easy topic for you or the vet and many vets will shy away from discussing it in detail. emotions get very high with this topic as im sure you completely understand.

As far as the pain of the procedure, there usually are 2 shots. 1 is a relaxant and pain killer which makes the animal drowsy and eventually puts the animal asleep. the second shot stops the heart and is the one that kills the animal.
I am sure the first needle hurts when it pierces the skin, but after that i am sure there is no pain for the animal.
Only the pain and feeling of loss for the suriving humans and pets that knew her.

Good luck with your decision. and DO listen to your heart.
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You know, you are so right.. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I believe like anyone that needs some extra care and attention, this is probably all she needs, extra attention and change in food. I am going to start with this and see how things go and how she does. I just want her to be okay.

I made an appointment for Tuesday and feel pretty good about this, you have helped considerably! I will definately seek out the options with him/her. My cat does that too (meoooooooowwwwwwwwwws at night) and then feels reassured when I call her name and seems fine.

I understand now that 13 really is not THAT old, getting older, but not over so old I have to assume the worst.

I will post on Tuesday again after I bring her to the vet. I am going to try my hardest to make everything work for her, she deserves it. Thanks again!
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Originally Posted by mymoosie
Can you ladies help me please.
I am glad that my experience helped you. and your little Moose.
Please let us know how she is and what your 2nd vet said. PM me if you want too.

Im glad it helped as i am no lady

Felinely yours

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I should have put that differently!! my appologies. Thanks again for being so helpful!
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I'm just catching up with threads now but i'm so pleased that your going to take your little girl to see the vet

When you compare her age to some of our members cats such as Hopes Snoopy who was 20, your little girl is "still" a little girl
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Now, I just need to find a good food to give her until Tuesday that is maybe less harsh for her tummy and something that softens up easy when wet down. Any suggestions? We have a Petco here and Petsmart. Should I try there for her food?
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Fingers crossed for Tues - I currently have a 14 year old and an 11 year old, plus fosters at 12 and 13, and they are all perfectly healthy, 3 have had recent blood tests (just the 12 year old who hasn't, run out of pennies). My 14 year old has had no teeth for nearly 2 years now, and the 11 and 12 year old's have had dentals - none have had any probs, and the 12 year was quite overweight for his. So, I do hope it is something simple, and if they tell you that 13 is old and that it is kinder to let her go without doing any tests, walk out, and find another vet.
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I'll move this over to the health forum now for you
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I am very sorry for what you're going through...It must be awful.

I don't know if anyone else mentioned this...what about giving her some wet food since her teeth are sore?

I also just wanted to say that I'm glad you decided to get her fully checked out by the vet before making a decision. It could be something that is easily fixed with meds. Like everyone else said, 13 is not that old for a cat..It is a good run, but it could be better

I will cross my fingers that you will not have to put her down and that she has a few more good years to go
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Originally Posted by mymoosie
Now, I just need to find a good food to give her until Tuesday that is maybe less harsh for her tummy and something that softens up easy when wet down. Any suggestions? We have a Petco here and Petsmart. Should I try there for her food?
Purina ONE brand is a good brand that you can get at Petsmart.
I use both the sensitive systems and the senior protection formulas.
For all my cats. I have a 19, 12 and 2 2 year olds.
The food is dry, but in very small bite sized bits that soften nicely in warm water or with goats milk(Never give your old cat cows milk!!!! She may love it, but it is horrible for her system)

The purina brands are about $6 for a 3lb bag at my local store. pricey compared to regular purina, but my cats LOVE it. This food is the only dry food that i have found that lists real Turkey or Chicken as the first and primary ingredient on the label. I have discovered that they eat less and go potty less often. Their stools have firmed up and their urine is less pungent. (God has to love cat lovers for cleaning up after his creatures)

Petsmart advantage brands are great foods too. However my cats just dont like the taste. They have many different formulas for senior cats.

I do buy a "VET brand" K/D formulary from my vet to suppliment my old girl to maintain her Urinary tract health. but that is prescription only food and is not available at a pet store.

I would never Buy IAMS nor Eukanuba, but some people swear by it. i recommend you do some research on Iams and pet testing on the internet prior to buying any of their products.
Besides the information you discover on that search, IAMS does not contain any real meat only by products or by-product meal.

With any food you choose, buy a smaller bag first to make sure she likes it.
present the new food to Moosie gradually over a couple days mixed with what you currently give her. gradually eliminate the old food and give her only the new food.

This gives her system a chance to adapt to the new food as well as making sure she likes the taste as cats are so very picky!

Good Luck
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