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Hi, new to the neighborhood....

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Hi, I'm a new cat owner (brand new, had to wait over 20 years to get one, although my hubby has had more than 2). Finn is just finishing his 10th week today, and he's still pretty cute. His story's pretty interesting too.

My sister-in-law is a vet tech who handles adoption at the hospital where she works. A lady came in with a bunch of 1 or 2 day old kittens. Apparently their mother had been killed by a car when this lady had found her. She must have recognized the the cat had just recently given birth, because she actually had to search to find the litter. So, sis, gave me a ring, and me & hubby got to meet Finn for the first time at one week old. He actually came home at 6 weeks and so far seems to be pretty well adjusted. (Lot's of normal kitten behavior.) Unfortunately, one from his litter didn't make it, but the other two were also successfully adopted.
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He is beautiful and lucky to have found an owner that will care for him. I hope that he brings the joy to your household that my kittens have brought to mine (my adult cat and sheltie too, i wouldnt want to leave them out:-)Our sheltie has a bit of an Identity crisis, not only does HE think he is a cat, HE tinks he is a mother cat. We know when our kittens are hungry because they hunt him down and try to nurse..lol
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Forgot to post the picture.lol
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Oh, that little one is cute! How fortunate that those babies were rescued and have homes. I wouldn't want to think of the alternative!
TexasReb, that picture brings back happy memories. My three collies raised 2 kittens. The kittens nursed from the females and nuzzled into our male's tummy and "made bread" on his fur. I don't know if either kitten got any milk, but they got the love they needed, and the bathing they would have received from Mother Cat. Checkers grew to be a large male cat who thought he was a 70 pound collie. He chased the dogs in the neighborhood! What a character! Your Sheltie is beautiful!
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Its so funny to see our sheltie "Bailey" bathing the kittens. His long tounge just about covers their head. We are still working on getting our big cat "Baxter" to accept them but it seems to be coming along slowly.
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He is just precious! I have a thing for orange kittens!
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He's so far turning out to be at least a partial lap cat. And he is fun to be around... that is when he not using me or hubby as a chew toy. But we do have his "Bity Fish" (Salmon of Wisdom?) to keep him distracted. I'm sure he'll grow out of it.
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