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Bloody carnage (and I'm not swearing!)

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When I arrived at the gate tonight all five cats were sitting in the garden in a circle, waiting for me. This is rather unusual, so I wondered what was going on. When I opened the door and they all accompanied me inside, I saw how they had spent their day. The bloody remains of a large bird ( I found it to be a magpie) were scattered all over the downstairs hall. There was blood on the centre rug, bits of bird in far corners, and the head and thorax placed just where I couldn't miss it. And of course feathers everywhere. I suspect more than one of them had a hand in it, but I think Wellington was chief huntsman, as he has two wounds on his face, probably caused by pecks. The bird has a huge beak, so I am just thankful it missed his eyes. I spoke to the vet and have bathed the places in Betadine. I am sorry for the bird, but at least it was an adult, not a chick. So out with the vacuum and I am hoping that a Vanish spray will deal with the blood before the landlord sees it!
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Oh that's horrible to have to see... I don't like things like that either. How did they get the bird in the house? I don't let Lucky outside cause I know she would be a great hunter. She's so quick and very accurate... I did put a bird feeder on the tree outside the window that she likes to sit in, this way she can feel like she is on the hunt, but not really hurt the birds!
PS...she wants the squirrels even more...
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Well, I'm sure Persil had nothing to do with it.
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Wow! guess they were pretty proud of themselves though, just couldn't wait till you saw their "present"
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My cats usually keep there prey to themselves without sharing. Bobber has been catching many gophers lately and way does she bring them to the house???
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Originally Posted by Rockcat
Well, I'm sure Persil had nothing to do with it.
Beautiful, exquisite, gorgeous faced Persil? Never - I just know she'd never get involved in such tawdry behaviour.
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A magpie is a pretty big bird to tackle, and could do some major damage! No wonder they were so proud of their kill. I hope you manage to get the blood out.
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All I can say to that Jenny is YUCK! I'm so glad my kits are indoors and don't bring me presents like that. Petals just goes into our laundry room downstairs and drags up Jerry's dirty underwear from the hamper under the laundry shoot!
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Whoa big bird for cats. My cat just brings me mice (although she cleared them out) and occasionaly lizards get in through cracks and she loves them things she likes trying to get birds from inside the window. And I had a cat that killed a wild turkey once. And my mom had a cat that killed a squirrel and he was a kitten still was about 3-4 months old not sure how he killed that squirrel. But he did. Glad your kitty that got pecked is okay.
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I would probably at the sight of that..thank goodness Trout stays inside and just brings me dirty socks
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I think it was Wellington aided by Ellie who were the perps. They were not hungry last night - well they had eaten the cat equivalent of a large chicken! And it was eaten, down to the bones and the intestines, which I found carefully placed to one side. Wellington had feathers stuck to his mouth - he couldn't deny that evidence, apart from the injuries, which seem fine this morning. But I am sure the others joined in the game with the feathers, which obviously took place after the banquet!
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What an awful sight to see upon arriving home! Your mighty hunters sure brought Mom a special treat this time, didn't they!
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I can just imagine the scene, Jenny! They must have been so proud of themselves!

My Mum's wild kittens once brought a rabbit into her house and managed to cause a similar amount of mess!

I hope you get the blood out, Jenny!
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That's why I have zotties. We never come home to anything like that. The worst I come home to is to walk in the front door and see Bridget rolling down the stairs.
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A magpie. I'm impressed ! everytime yoyu think you've ssen it all with cats, they pull a new trick. Never a dull moment. (except for cleaning up bloodstains maybe. Good luck)
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Originally Posted by WellingtonCats
The worst I come to is to walk in the front door and see Bridget rolling down the stairs.
I can just picture it, Sam!
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She's really a blonde underneath all that brown tortie tabby fur!

Honestly I need to video camera it. We have this beautiful sweeping stair case and she falls asleep and forgets where she is and just starts rolling! Lol!

When we first started renting this place our landlord wanted to replace all the carpet and whatnot. But he wanted to replace it with LIGHT BLUE carpet and he wanted to carpet the stairs too!! Can you imagine light blue stairs with muddy paws and muddy shoes?
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