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Oh Cheryl what a pretty golden boy! Don't worry, just keep working with the images you'll get the hang of it soon.
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Cleo's a little princess, btw. I found it helped to get the image to slightly under 400 by 400 pixels, in case anyone else out there has problems with it.

Can you tell I run a computer lab?
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Cheryl, Your cat is beautiful! How did you resize your photos? I am SO bad at that!
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I also find it helps that after you resize them you post them at less then maximum quality. All of my pics I posted are at medium quality and you can still see them great. Debby - all you have to do is on your photo editing software there should be an image size option and just make it to 400 pixals.
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Here's our babies!

Our 1 year old male Peppurr

Our 2 year old male Tigger

Our 11 month old male Vader

Our 1 year old male Spaz

Our 1 year old male Felix

Our 9 year old female Twinkles

Our 11 month old Snowshoe female Mimi

This is our female Bengal Majesty we don't know her exact age

And last but not least our 9 week old female Miss Chevious!

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Here's Spidey!

Hey Hissy, thanks for pointing out the img link button. That's so easy! Great feature.
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Vader, your cats Spaz and Vader are like our Casper and Kitty, wow!
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Originally posted by Debby
Cheryl, Your cat is beautiful! How did you resize your photos? I am SO bad at that!
I scanned the pictures using PhotoShop, which has a resizing wizard. You just turn that on and follow the directions.
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I am thinking about using this photo as the customer service link on my business website :-) Ben was yawning when my wife took the picture but he turned out looking ferocious.
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What a great pic of Ben! He is such a sweety!
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Here is a picture of our big cat "Baxter" checking out the kittens from a distance. He hasnt quite decided to accept them yet and it frustrates him to no end when they find his tail. He has taken to high ground most of the time....lol
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I think I posted this last year after I took it, but I'll re-post as that's easier than searching it out...

Sassy (left) at about 6 months & "big brother" Striker at about 15 months...


EDIT: Okay, so I'll just post the link to the old post as the board won't allow a duplicate photo...

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Bill - long time no see! I love that picture - they look the picture of innocence.
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This is Rowdy. She is 3 months old and, already, computer literate.
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Rowdy likes the new sofa, too. (I've been playing with my new digital camera).
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Here you go! Rowdy emerges from the shadows a bit.


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And here she is again!


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Thanks, Mr. Cat! I don't quite have the hang of all this technology, yet. I'm off, on Wednesday and will have the whole day to play with the new software.
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Hello everyone

This is Samantha...my 3 year old cat posing comfortably on my keyboard
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They do look alike, don't they?? Kitty & Casper are adorable!!!
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in her favorite napping position...
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in her favorite place!
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Those pictures of Arizona bring back some fond memories. When I was just a kid i had a Persian that we couldnt keep out of the sink or bath tub. He loved to sleep on his back like that also. I had him for almost 18 years and he will always be my "first love" when it comes to my pets. I still miss him today. Your Arizona is such a beautiful cat and seems like a character too
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awww...you all have such lovely cats...thanks for posting pictures of them...they all very well behaved to be still enough to have their photos taken...

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Glad to bring back happy memories for you. Arizona is quite a character! Did your Persian also like to lie on his back while in the tub, too? AZ will lie there and stare at the ceiling and faucet for hours! (That is, when she isn't complaining about how STARVED for affection she is. )
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Arizona reminds me of my kitty, Socks. He LOVES to sit in the bathroom sink all the time. Whenever we go in the bathroom, he is right behind us and he jumps into the sink. He just lays in there every morning when I get ready for work.
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Everybodies cats are SO adorable!! I especially love the one of Ben, with the ferocious face!
Is Photoshop a free program you can download or something you have to buy?
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Debby - Adobe Photoshop is a real expensive program, about $600 I think. However, there is a pared down version called Photoshop Elements that is only about $99, but there are also offers for rebates, etc. I've seen it as cheap as $50 with manufacturer's and instant rebates. It has most of the same features as the big version, except some of the real advanced graphic design features like designing animated pics.

You can download a 30-day trial of Elements for free at www.adobe.com.

I absolutely swear by either of the Adobe Photoshop products. They are pretty easy to use, and you can do almost anything to your pics!
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Photoshop is a great and powerful photo editor (adobe is proud of it as you can tell by the pricetag) but there is a lot of free graphics editors out there for non-commercial use. Let me look around and i will see if i can find ya some links

krissie, the only place my persian loved to sit better than the tub was "in" his food bowl. I think he was just trying to make sure no one else got something that he didnt ...lol
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here are some links for you to check out:
These are just a few, doing a quick search of google, dmoz or yahoo is sure to come up with lots of alternatives :-)
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