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Show Me Pictures Of Your Cats !

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havent been here for ages...how is everyone...


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Hello! I'm fine, thanks. Let me see if I can bring up a picture of my cat Michaela.


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awww...i see michaela...yay...i thought michaela n tonya were both black n white...


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No, Michaela is a stripey gal whereas Tonya is all black. See?


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Here are my babies
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Awww! They're adorable! Thank you sharing their picture with us.


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It's me!

How do I add an image to my post? Do I just enter the location between the img tags like this?

Mouser Mousehole
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it seems I do
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Here are my 2 precious boys...

Whisky, 9 y.o.
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Here are my 2 precious boys...

Oliver, 3 y.o.
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Your little buddies are totally cute!


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Everybodies cats are adorable! I love looking at the pictures! I have to take some newer pics of mine than the ones I have posted previously. Then I will share them! I caught a cute pic of Merlin the other day, asleep in the window sill, with his head resting on one of my teddy bears laps!
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I just got a digital camera, this morning. As soon as I have it all figured out, I'll have new pix of Opie, Rowdy and Ike. Everybody else is looking good!
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The Cat Pages are finally working again. So if you just go to the top of the page, you can click on that link and see all kinds of cats owned by the members here and add your own!
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How do you attach pictures?
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This is Bailey

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In order to attach pictures, they must first exist either in your computer or somewhere on the inter-net. If the pictures are on your computer, look below the "Reply" box (where you type messages) when at the "Post reply" window.

You'll see a function called "Attach file." There is a "Browse" button there, which you enable; and that brings up a "Choose file" window, where you navigate to the picture you wish to attach.

When you've found the picture, highlight it and then enable the "Open" button on the "Choose file" window. The picture will then appear at the bottom of your post once you've enabled the "Submit reply" button.

Bear in mind the fact your picture cannot be larger than 33.2 kilobytes and must conform to the "Valid file extensions" listed beneath the "Browse" button. Also, at this web site, you can only attach a particular picture once!

Now, if your picture exists elsewhere on the inter-net simply save it to your computer and follow the steps above. If your picture is an actual photographic print, you'll have to scan it and store the scan in your computer (then follow the steps above).


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If you photo exits on the Internet in a photofile account somewhere such as PhotoIsland or Photopoint. Go to the photo, highlight the URL and then hit your control button and your c button (this copies the file to memory) Come back here to your post, write whatever you need to and you will see the gray boxes with http:// @ IMG ect...click on the IMG button, make sure your cursor is blinking in the beginning of the box and then hit your control button and your v button. The URL will then transfer. Then hit submit and you are there. Good luck!
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Well here is a recent pic of Pepperpot with her cat - Gweeky
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Here is Excalibur.
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Here is Merlin.
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And our princess Sugarly.
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Everybody has such pretty cats! Here's Snowball

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I have the images scanned as saved as jpegs. I tried ataching them earlier using the browse feature, but they won't attach. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'll try again.
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one of the problems i ran into is the photo has to be 400x400 or less. you might have to crop the picture down a bit in order for it to fit. hope this helps :-)
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Here's another picture of Snowball. This time he's playing with one of his Christmas presents...and we hadn't even unwrapped it for him yet!

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Doh! I re-sized it. Let's see if this works.

[on edit] I made sure it was no bigger than 400 by 400, but it still isn't attaching.
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One more time--I'm afraid it may be out of focus by now.
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Here's another one.
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