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Night Club in Akron, OH to host BEAR WRESTLING

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My friend who works at night clubs forwarded me this today. Now I don't know what my views are on PETA and this is a letter by one of the members but I still think this is just crazy! Can you imagine loads of drunk kids and young adults wresting a live bear? I sure hope this is some kind of false rumor or something like that.

Please read and repost this if you feel like it...

Body: From: sinking deeper
Date: May 20, 2006 5:49 PM

Posh Nite Club in Akron, Ohio, has begun hosting bear wrestling matches on Friday evenings. Apparently, $1000 will be awarded to anyone who can pin the bear. Caesar, the bear, is being provided by Wildlife Adventures of Ohio, Inc., which is operated by Sam Mazzola.

Mazzola, who also operates World Animal Studios, has repeatedly failed to meet the minimum standards of the federal Animal Welfare Act. He has been imprisoned for trafficking in cocaine, and he also pleaded guilty to illegal possession of a firearm.

Mazzolas bears have caused human injuries and property damage. This past February, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) filed a complaint before the secretary of agriculture, citing violations by Mazzola as possible grounds for revoking his license. The complaint addresses repeated violations of regulations that pertain to handling and housing animals as well as the inherent risks posed to animals and the general public by an exotic-animal display of this nature.

Just this past March, Mazzola exhibited at the I-X Center in Cleveland. In the short time that he was at the center, PETA called on the USDA to investigate an incident in which a tiger was allegedly hit with a baseball bat, an incident in which a mother holding a baby was allowed into an enclosure with an adult tiger for a photo op, and the many complaints that we received about bear wrestling.

Please contact the owner of Posh Nite Club and tell him that you will not support any event that exploits animals.

Jeff Lorenzo
Post Nite Club
1 W. Exchange St.
Akron, OH 44308

Please forward this alert to all your friends, family members, and coworkers.

Yours truly,

Jackie Vergerio (JackieV@peta.org)
Animals in Entertainment Specialist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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Oh wow! I wonder if this is related at all to those high schoolers who practice wrestling with a bear around here. Maybe at a Catholic school in Cleveland? I don't think it was St Eds but I can't remember.

How sad for the bear. I think I'd be too scared of being in the same room as a bear anyway. I never go there anyway.
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I'm pretty sure this is not legal, and it must be a joke.
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If its a joke, Posh is going along with it or started it:

I got to that from their main page, and it's also sprinkled about the site in other places.
However, the picture is of the wrestler I mentioned before- it is at St Ed's btw- and not of anyone actually at the bar:
http://www.abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory?id=1753310 see that for the original of the St Ed's Wrestler, and then compare it to the Posh website.

It's pretty clear that PeTA is all hot and bothered about a joke that's in bad taste. As always. Where did they get this big long story about the guy providing the bear and a cocaine arrest? Also, I can't find anything about a mother and a baby in a cgae with a tiger at the IX center.... I wish PeTA found something better to do than raise a stink about nothing. DUH

If you click on the supposed videos of the bear wrestling, its pictures of mostly girls dancing sort of obscenely.
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