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Jess Video

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I though you would all like to see a Video of Jess


Its funny how you start recording them and they decide to just stand there and when you turn it of they go and do something interesting

Anyway in this video is mainly just walking around me as she wants me to stroke and cuddle her.

I hope you like it - I tend to talk about Jess more and she is my cat whereas Lulu is my sisters.
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That is too cute!! Yeah I know what ya mean I break out the camera because the kittens are playing and when they see it they stop and just look at me! Thanks for sharing that! I love her name by the way! My name is Jessica and everyone calls me Jess!
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What a beautiful kitty!! I love tortis Thank you so much for sharing
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cute! lol!
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Thats so cute how she rubs against you.
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Jess is a sweetie.
You got knee head butts.
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Skittles is the same way... I love the video so cute...
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Aww, great video! =D She's so beautiful, what interesting and lovely colours she has! Very Unique!
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