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HELP!!jealous "baby"

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hi everyone...I have 3 cats a fixed male( Andre) and 2 unfixed females (Munchkin and Speedy) my problem Munchkin had babies and Speedy my sweet lovable cuddly little "baby" has become a major witch. Andre could care less so my question is this How do I stop my one cat from being jealous and grumpy towards me and her "sister" that just had kittens?
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Well, maybe you should spend a little extra time with Munchkin, b/c it sounds like he is jealous...You should also get Munchkin and Speedy fixed if you aren't planning on breeding anymore...Not much, but hope that it helped a little bit...
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I agree, a little more individual attention, like a treat and talking when this happens, but you don't want to feed the jealousy, just acknowledge it as being silly, you still love....
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I agree it is probably just a little jealousy, once they are spayed and the babys are gone, the hormones will calm down and everything should go back to normal.
But on a side note, please do spay them, it greatly reduces their risk of getting cancer and pyometra and prego again and I am sure their heat cycles are driving you crazy!
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