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Strange Sound

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This is my first post on here
My cat makes this strange sound, sort of like a chirp, I call it a "purr-meow", and he does it primarily when he is following me around the house or when he jumps up on my bed to sleep with me. It is sort of a vocalised purr and often it sounds as if it is a question (it 'goes up' at the end). I am guessing that it is a contented sound, but I just wondered if anyone else's kitties make the same noise. He usually makes that sound just as he jumps up.
Also, my kittie (Bing) and I have this game that we play where he meows, then I meow back at him and it goes from there....usually I do it to let him know that it is OK to jump up on the bed or the couch with me. We can only play the game, however, when HE starts it by meowing first. I am trying to get him to respond to my meow and he doesnt seem to want to. Will he eventually come around? It is so fun to play that game with him!


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My two make those sounds, more so Rosie.

Their chatting to you
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Yep. I call it trilling. I make the sound back at them.
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Both my torbie and my friend's jet make the same sound - easpecially when they are jumping on or off of something, or when they walk into a room their meowmies are in.

I also call it trilling. Sometimes Ginger sounds like she's making a statement, other times she's asking a question. I trill back at her, too. I just love that sound!
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OK It looks like this is a common cat-phenomenon. I just love my little guy! I have no idea how old he is cause I sort of adopted him when my great uncle died, but he is the best buddy that a guy could have and I tell him that every day. I just moved about a month ago and he seemed a little scared at first in my apartment (he kept running to hide either under the couch or under my bed where he would remain all day) but now he is back into his old kitty self. He adventures around the apartment, sometimes jumping up on things, and he follows me everywhere I go, even into the loo!
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I see that I need to get some pix of Bing to make a signature like everyone else has! He deserves to be famous too!
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It's nice to hear that there are more male cat lovers out there

Heres the link to the signature shop incase you need any help making one

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My cats make the trilling sound too. They mostly do it when jumping up on our bed or furniture and when they greet us. Now Jada does it a LOT with her kittens when she's talking to them.
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I haven't ever heard Stanley trilling... most times his meow sounds more like ow! There was one time the silly cat bumped his head and then meowed his typical "ooww" and I just laughed, because it fit so perfectly. I play the game where he meows and I say "what?" and then he will meow again and it continues on that way. I have never tried meowing back at him though.

Sadie on the other hand, trilling is all she does. I don't think she has ever really meowed. My mom said I should have called her chirp because that is what she does. At first it was a little weird, but now I love it. It just makes her that much more special!
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