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Pretty Himmy with too many knots :(

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Hello All,
This is my first post here. So here is a lil info about the problem im facing:

I have a 2 year old gorgeous himmy kitty, here name is Bali. She is not shaved and is growing into a beautiful coat. The problem is, the top layer of coat is fine. But if you put ure hands deeper, you can feel the knots. I brush her regularly. Is there any way to remove those knots??

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I"m not sure if any conditioners can take care of it. You might take her to a groomers and see what they say. If its to bad then you can do a lion cut and start over. If you brush her daily maybe the brush you have isn't getting deep enough.
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A brush will not touch knots in the undercoat, knots need combed out.
Brushing a longhair should really only be done to fluff out the coat.

Get a metal cat comb and try to comb them out if they aren't too bad, if they are bad, she should be shaved down.
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Try a product called Shed-Ender - it is great. I have testimonials from my Mom - she has a Somali and a friend with a medium hair. They both love it for knots, etc.

Here is the link


Sometimes you can also get them in Drug stores like CVS, etc who have a section called as seen on TV.
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Brushing a longhair will not get out the underlaying knots. Your best bet is to take her to a groomer and have her shaved down and then as the coat is growing in, keep it COMBED. The comb has to reach the skin; which a brush will not do.

Get a medium and fine teethed comb for grooming. You'll probably have to groom at least every other day.
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She is gorgeous!! It would suck to have her shaved but when it comes down to it, if her matts are tight and close to the shin you might not have an option. Good thing hair grows back.
I'm a dog groomer and had the opportunity to learn how to groom cats but passed on it for many reasons of my own. One being that I like how my hands and face look. LOL Another being that dogs skin is 7 times thinner than humans and cats skin is thinner than dogs. I've seen cats get nicked with clippers and their skin pretty much tears like paper. It can be pretty scary at times shaving matts from armpits of a wiggly dog, I can't imagine shaving that area on a cat. So I don't recommend letting just anyone with scissors or clippers around your cat.
If the matts aren't really tight and against the skin you can use a metal grooming comb to pick the matts out. Hold the hair next to the skin so not to pull her skin while using the comb on its end to pick at the matt. If it seems like you're torturing her, I'd find a really good cat groomer (that will pay the vet bill if she's injured) and have her shaved. Start over with brushing and combing her as hair grows back.

The shed ender is an awesome tool. I believe stores like Petco and PetSmart do carry a similar tool. The Furminator is another one. I like the one with a wooden handle called a shedding blade. There are different types of teeth I would get the wide teeth for your kitty if you were going to get one. But I think using a metal would be best since you can get it through all that thick fur.

Good luck,
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I recommend Shed Ender also! I use it on my Himmie who looks very similar to yours and it works great. I usually shave him down to a lion cut for the summer though.
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