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Broken leg

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One of my cats accidentally fell out the window (a story and a half, with bad landing) and broke a bone in his rear-left leg. Took him to the vet and the x-rays showed the damage, it looked pretty bad.

Long story short, the vet tried to put a splint on him a couple of times, but every time the paw would swell up pretty bad. They kept him for an extra day and finally told me that a splint is just not gonna work out for now, so they want me to keep him confined for a while. They suggested a dog crate, so I went and bought one. The problem is, he HATES it in there, and just won't sit still. But, when I let him out, he just lays down, which seems a lot healthier to me. Also, when he walks, he's not limping anymore, but rather using his leg very carefully, as though he's 'testing it out'.

So I don't know what to do. I'm starting to feel like perhaps the crate won't be necessary, but I worry that the other cat might try to wrestle him or something. Other than that, he seems pretty conscious of what's going on, and for the most part just sits and rests.

I'm gonna call the vet and ask her, but has anyone here had a similar experience? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I live in a small, single-level apartment.
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Sorry to hear about his accident and I hope he makes a full recovery. I had a cat who also fell out of a window (she came into heat and managed to get out a crack in the top pane) and broke a leg, and she managed to get her splint off twice! Is there a bathroom or other small room you could keep him in to save him from being attacked? That might be more acceptable than the crate.
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