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We know why he was peeing everywhere.  

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After the vet trip last night, we found out why Sebastien had been peeing on the carpets. He was trying to tell us he doesnt feel well. We already knew, but were having a hard time finding out what. A vet trip a few weeks back made gave us the suspicition of an intestinal problem. Lastnights vet trip, they did a blood test, and a urine test. Lucimia came back negative. He is jondus(sp?) and has liver disease,. We are still waiting for the results as to if it is viral, or bacterial. We have been told to be prepaird to have him put down. We have meds to try, and have to force feed him, wich is really hard to do, he gives us such a betrayed "why" look. He has lost weight, about a 1/2 pound, and is very lathargec, but still very cuddley, and affectionet. His mom is really upset, so is his Dad, Sebastien doesnt seem to know whats going on.
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I'm glad that you found out what is going on w/Sebastion. Unfortunately, it was not good news. He will let you know when it is time. You and Sebastion are in my thoughts.

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I am sad to hear that your kitty is so sick. It sounds like the vet is working hard to make him better.

You are in my thoughts. I hope Sebastien feels better real soon.
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I am so sorry that Sebastien is so very ill. I am sending kitty prayers your way. I wish the news was better for you all......
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Thanks, will let you guys know what I find out when the vet calls back.
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I too am sorry it was not a quick fix for your kitty. As hard as it is at the time I know you will do what is best for him. My heart and hugs go out to you and your hubby and Sebas as well.
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Originally posted by Sebastien
We have meds to try, and have to force feed him, wich is really hard to do, he gives us such a betrayed "why" look. He has lost weight, about a 1/2 pound, and is very lathargec, but still very cuddley, and affectionet. His mom is really upset, so is his Dad, Sebastien doesnt seem to know whats going on.
I know how difficult this is for all three of you and I am so sorry you are dealing with such a serious illness. My thoughts are with you.
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Vet called lastnight, says its something called FIP. Still no word if they think he can be healed or not, some tests still are not in.

this is a discription of it.

The type and development of disease is quite complex and, in large part, dependent on the status of the animal’s immune system. In some instances, the immune system’s response to infection may actually worsen the clinical signs. In the Effusive Form of the disease there is accumulation of substantial quantities of fluid in body cavities (abdomen and chest). Some of these animals appear profoundly "pot-bellied", while the Dry Form of the disease does not present this way. In both forms, clinical signs can be quite variable; virtually any organ or soft tissue system can become affected, thus mimicking many diseases. The most common clinical signs are non-specific and include fluctuating fever, inappetance, lethargy and weight loss. Sometimes, if the central nervous system is affected, neurological abnormalities are apparent
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FIP is called Feline Infectious Peritonitis, your vet is right, there are two parts to this disease, a "wet" and a "dry" The wet form is where fluid builds up in the abdomen and they sometimes have difficulty in breathing. The dry form includes loss of balance, lethargy, no interest in eating, depression, high temperature. The cat usually gets it from contact with another diseased animal or encountering waste products from said cat and sniffing it. Keeping the cat isolated from others is imperative. Once the vet calls with the results, you and and he can determine the best course of action to take, depending on how advanced the disease is. I am so sorry and will pray for the best of possible results for you.
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He has never met another cat, unless it was one at the breeder he came from.....and at the vet, but I think they keep then isolated there too. I think he has the dry version. I can get my forfinger, and thum almost completely around his abdomen, he is soo tiny. I never noticed till the vet wieghed him.
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I hope Sebastien will pull thru his illness.
Is FIP treatable?
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Good news...sorta.

The vet has suspected FIP, and that is what his signs pointed too, but the blood tests came back negative for FIP. (though I read it is still hard to spot in the blood test...they need a biopsy to know for sure)

The antiboitics we are giving him have brought his appetite back some. and he seems even to be gaining wieght...i cant get my finger and thum around him anymore

The vet says his bellyrubin (SP) is very high in his urine and his blood suggesting a liver were not ok yet, just know its probably not FIP.

with him eating again, they want to wait a week or so before we do anything else. They are thinking of a biopsy of his liver, or an ultra sound. We talked to the breeders vet, and they hypothosized a possible blood parisite. The breeder called the new owners of Sebastiens brothers to be sure nothing had developed with them, and they are ok.

Thanks for you kind thoughs...I know it helped
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The fact that he is eating again is encouraging and I will continue to keep Sebastien in my thoughts.
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I am glad he appears to be getting better. Has the vet ruled out fatty liver disease or possibly cholangitis? There are really only two types of liver disease to affect cats. Are his gums yellow at all? I would try to just tempt him to eat and encourage him to drink all you can. If he isn't interested in taking water, try putting rose petals on the water so he will play in the water, or float a toy, or drop some marbles into the bowl, something different that will catch his attention. Good luck with him. I am hoping for a good outcome for you.
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Its been an emotional rollercoaster thanks to the vet clinic we take Sebas too.

They first suggested it was FIP just by symptoms, so we did the blood test. 2 of 3 (we *were* told all) came back negative for FIP...few days go by, we call the vet again, and a different vet tells us our tests never came in at all, but were still at this point we still dont know what is "really" wrong.

The final test did come back FIP, sebas has started going down hill again, not eating, crying from his litter box...peeing on the floor.

Come friday, if he is still not doing so well, he will be put down.

Will let you know how it goes.
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I'm so sorry about Sebastian. Love him all you can for the time you have left with him. This is always so difficult. All of you will be in our thoughts and prayers, and I sincerely hope for a miracle recovery. Hugs to both of you, and Sebastian.
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Heidi took the words righr out of my mouth. I am so very sorry. I am praying for you all.
Deb Myers
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I just saw your latest post, both of you and Sebastien have my sympathy.
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I was so sorry to read about Sebastian. I know what you mean about an emotional rollercoaster. I have been on that a few times. I recently had a very sick cat who the vets thought had FIP. I did alot of research into it and the outlook for a cat with this disease is not good. I`m sorry to sound so negative but personally I would rather be prepared for the worst than go on torturing myself about whether things were going to be ok or not.

I lost two others, one from cancer (8 years) and one from a congenital liver disease (he was only just one year old) and both times it took a while to find out what was wrong. It`s so hard when they get a bit better and give you hope just to go downhill again. This last episode, thankfully, had a happy outcome and it turned out to not be FIP and he is almost back to full health and eating me out of house and home. I so hope things turn out the same for you and your boy.

My thoughts and prayers will be with you.
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My thoughts are with you too ......... FIP is a terrible disease ;it is not curable ...
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Thanks all.

Sebastian left us Friday June 14th, shortly after supper time. The vet said it was the best thing to do. His temp had risen up to about 41 (normal for cats is 37 i guess) It was hard to let him go. We stayed with him till the end. It broke our hearts to see him struggle with the vet prior to the final needle. He's better now.

Thanks...I dont think I'll be back here for a while. You are all nice people, take care.
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I am so very sad for you. I know ho much it hurts to have to put down a cherished companion. You are in my thoughts.

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I am so sorry. He is no longer in pain or uncomfortable. He's waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge, perfectly healthy and happy. At least you had each other for a little while, and he knew how much you loved him.
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During the time Sebastien was with you, you loved him and did everything you possibly could to help him, and he knew it. Keep him alive in your heart.
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Im so sorry to hear about the loss of your cat. We just lost our cat today for the same reason. Its been a really rough day and a rough week. The symptoms came about only a week ago. But it was devastating. By only the second day after noticing the symptoms he looked like he hadn't ate in a week. The vet told us it was going to be terminal. So we just tried our best to keep him comfortable. Although he didn't seem to be in a whole lot of pain.. it was heartbreakingly obvious he was suffering. We finally had to put him to rest today. His name was Grayson. Its so hard to watch someone you love so much dying before your very eyes. We fully understand your loss and send our deepest heartfelt sympathies Sebastien.


We love you and you will always be in our hearts Grayson. :' ('''''''''''
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I'm sorry to hear of losses Sebastien and Jimbo. It's horrible when life takes a turn for the worst. You both did your best and your kitties where blessed to have you in their lives.
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Thank you manhunter. Its been a long rough day. I guess Grayson got the 'wet' version. He was skeleton thin with a bloated abdomen. We have other cats, but they are all special and Grayson was no exception. We miss him alot and our hearts are truly broken. Thanks so much for the wishes.

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My sincere sympathies for the loss.

I can't even bring up my Bubby's name without tearing up, and it's been seven years. But I made him very happy while he was here, and I told him if he ever wants to reincarnate, get a message to me and I'll move heaven and earth for him!

I said it just to make both of is feel better; I don't know if that can actually happen. But I don't know that it can't, either.

But if I wanted to leave the door open for him, for whenever we meet again.
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