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Happy Thursday!! May 25

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i have just realized that noone has started todays thread so I will.

Today is going to be really good since it is almost Friday. Not to much to do today so I will be here most of the day!
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Afternoon Brandi!
It's just started to rain here
I am pretty tired, we were out celebrating Mark's degree yesterday so I came into work late but still feel tired.
Cannot WAIT for the long weekend! I am going shopping with my Mum on Monday for a graduation ball dress
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Afternoon Brandi!

The sun is shining here and I'm just finishing off a load of washing ready to put out on the line! So much cleaning and tidying to do today and just can't get in the motion to get going!

Ah well, there's a Bank Holiday weekend before my inspection, so I can take it slowly!

Have a great day all!
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Good Morning everyone!

It's a nice day here. I will probably be working out in the yard most of the day. I tried for hours yesterday to get our power washer to work so I could clean the deck, but no luck. I really want to get our deck furniture outside. I did finish planting the rest of my containers.
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Good Morning all!

Its rainy, humid and icky here today I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday - no such luck, only Thursday!

I'm itching for Friday - we have Monday off for Memorial Day, so John & I are headed home for the long weekend to go camping with the family. Its also my cousins' graduation open house - so tonite I have to get her gift and do some MUCH needed packing!

Have a wonderful Thursday!
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I thought it was Saturday this morning! Or was that hoped?!

Mackenzie, what's a Graduation Open House?
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Originally Posted by Sar
I thought it was Saturday this morning! Or was that hoped?!

Mackenzie, what's a Graduation Open House?
My cousin Nikki, is graduating from High School this week - so we have a party that everyone comes to, and its called an Open House - its just a celebration for graduating, and its usually open to the public, friends and family to come and celebrate with her. There's usually a write up in the local papers for all the graduates that invites people to their parties.

I hope that explains it, I'm sucky at explaining things
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That was a good explanation, thanks! I've just not heard of that before, but then again, we don't graduate High School really!

I hope you have lots of fun at the Open House!
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I think the open house thing is a northern tradition. My cousin had one but we didn't do that. We had a BBQ what I graduated. I didn't even stay long. I went with my firends to party to celebrate!!
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Today's the first full-day of summer break.. so I'm going shopping for some new summer clothes!
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Happy Thursday to all! I have only been up maybe 30 minutes, so I am still waking up-hehe. Of course I did step foot outside to feed cats and let some in/out and noticed that its already HOT out!! Hope everyone has a great day.
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Well thats me done with work until next Thursday

catloverin_ks Your siggy goes straight to the heart ...
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Originally Posted by VampireCat
Well thats me done with work until next Thursday
I wish I was that lucky. I have to work AGAIN today! I hate my job. I'm burned out. I need a vacation but can't take one. Short on people. Stupid manager

The weather's weird here. It rains then, it's hot and muggy, then it's raining again. I am confused, and so is my head. It is killing me. I get headaches when it rains and it doesn't seem to know what to do. Oh well, it can only go up from here right?

Everyone enjoy Memorial day weekend for me ok? I'll be working most of it and at a graduation party on Sunday. YIKES! I need a break!!!
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We had about 1/2 inch of rain last night so its quite humid today with some light showers off and on. I worked 5 hours at my current landscaping job weeding and pruning roses and shrubs. Filled the back of the truck. When I was driving down our road I saw a larger bird on the road hoping it was the peacock I contemplated "taking it out" with the truck. Alas it was a peasant which is making noise outside!! Have to run to a nursery to order more shrubs then bavk home into the whirlpool tub with some wine!!!
No major injuries today except rose thorns in my fingers and I banged my leg on a trailer hitch of a truck.
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