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Causes of cat dandruff

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My Tinkerebelle is suffering from dandruff around the base of her spine, rump and tail regions. She has never had this before and from reading the past threads on cat dandruff, I think it could be due to diet or stress:

Diet - she is on Royal Canin and during her pregnancy and nursing she has a fercious appetite. I am just wondering if she is allergic to Royal Canin?

Stress - the poor girl is back on heat badly and I can't havr her spayed until a week after she has stopped nursing the kittens. That time is getting close...but I am just wondering if the stress of being on heat can cause dandruff?

Stress - we have a new addition Olivia (kitten) to the crowd. At first they didn't get on but now, there is no hissing and Tinkerbelle appears to tolerate Olivia. I'm just wondering if that is a possible cause of dandruff?

Do you think the causes I've mentioned above are feasible?
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I'm not sure about the causes - it could be something you need to discuss with your vet!

Willow has dandruff and I switched the dry part of his food to James Wellbeloved and it has cleared up beautifully! Maybe you could try JW?
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Sometimes what appears to be dandruff or little white flakes is actually signs of flea eggs.
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flea eggs.... I hope not! She is treated with advantage every month
and from using the flea comb, I don't see any flea droppings.
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Our cat can't eat Royal Canin, although he loves it - he gets itchy dandruff from it. There may be an ingredient in the food that she is allergic to. In Jamie's case it appears to be the beet pulp. One thing you could try is to give her a 500 mg. capsule of fish oil, e.g. salmon oil, every day for about three weeks. Just pierce the capsule and squeeze the oil over her food.
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Rocky has dandruff. It think it is related to his frequent steriod shots he gets for his asthma. (get them at least once every two months, had two within a month recectly. He also eats mostly dry- his choice, not mine. Don't kmow if it is nutrition related. He eats purina one, pro plan and nutro usually. I never see him itching or anything, and he shouldn't have fleas, mine are all indoor only.
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