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punctuerd eye

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my male cat billeye came in yeterday with a punctured eye.
there were no other injuries, so it looks like a cat has swiped at him.

i took him straight the the vets where he has been given about 6 diffrent medications . the vet said that unfortunatly, even though the eye does not seem all that bad at the moment. they tend to fill with puss and can get to the stage where they explode.

so i was given 2 real options. either have the eye removed there and then. or review it every 2 days on the meds.
billeye is only 12 months old and the pincture is at the side of the eyeball not in frount.

so for now the eye is still in workign order. im hoping it will be saved, and im putting drops in every hour.

deos anyoen have any experience of these injuries, outcomes, advice!

would be very much appreciated.
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Poor Billeye, I sure hope your eye heals very quickly!
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Oh that's so sad and scary for both you and Billeye. I hope the drops help save his eye.
The only experience I've had with eye injuries is when a bush poked my pugs eye ( I chopped those suckers down the next day). It wasnt as bad as Billeye's from what you've said. I had eye meds to use and after a few vet visits he was fine.
I do know a girl who's Boston Terrier had her eye removed after a really bad injury from another dog. They tried to save her eye with drops and doing a graph but it started getting to the point where she was totally blind in that eye and it was causing her pain. She gets around fine with one eye.
I hope someone else on this forum can help you more.

Give a big hug to Billeye from me and Shamie.
I'm so sorry.
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Lucky my ten year old cat was injured by my older calico at the age of about 12 weeks. Calico hated the new cat and let Lucky know. Lucky's eye was punctured, just shy of her pupil. The vet sewed her eye shut to help it heal. I applied medication to her eye and gave her an antibotic. I was told that there was a possibility that the eye wouldn't heal. Six weeks later the stitches were taken out and her eyed had healed. She has limited vision in that eye, and if you look at her eye you can see that her pupil and her eye is a little mishaped.

Dozen2Luv and Lucky too!

PS Lucky thinks perhaps we should change her name because along with a funny eye she now has a funny ear due to a hematoma!!!
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Oh, this sounds awful for Billeye..I have no advice, but I hope he's okay.
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