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The latest casualty of the War in Iraq

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The latest casuality of the war in Iraq is from my town. He was injured a few weeks ago in a roadside bombing. He spent a short while in the hospital, then went back on duty. He still suffered dizzy spells. His tour of duty was supposed to end May 15, but was extended. Robert died May 23, the victim of an IED. He was to be honorably discharged in mid June.

What makes Robbie's story so awful? His parents have lost both of their sons in two years. Robbie's brother, Danny, died from injuries he sustained in a car accident. Danny was killed while on leave from the Marines almost two years ago. Their only child left is their oldest child, a daughter.

I knew this guy. He was an awesome person, but despite what the TV says, he was not a good student. He was one of those students teachers let get away with things because his grades were good. He was a goof-off in class.

Please say a prayer for Robbie's parents. No parent should have to bury a child, let alone two, especially in such a short time. Danny's death caused his mother to develop type two diabetes(she would have gotten it eventually, the stress caused early onset of it). Their mother still struggles with Danny's death every day, pray that she may get through this.
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This is dreadful, Natalie. This family definitely needs our prayers.
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Oh, that poor woman! I will remember her in my prayers.
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That family is definately in my prayers as are all of our soldiers. RIP to Danny and Robbie.
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Natalie - I'm so sorry to hear about this. Its always hard to lose someone you knew, espeically in a small town setting. My mom called and told me about it this morning.

to you.
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Every time it makes me cry. Especially the traveling exhibits set up as an Arlington cemetery with each person's name and hometown on it.

I'm so sorry for the new hole in your town.
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How sad, for the family and the town and the country. The world lost another hero...

This is really more appropriate in IMO as it is a bit heavy for the Lounge. But please let's not turn this into a debate.
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