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really need to get vet appt for Angel but another que.

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According to the cat preg. calander it says that morning sickness would be in the 3rd week. Well (if she really is preg) Angel would be just over 4 weeks and I have only seen her eat once maybe twice today. I was gone from about 9:30-2:15ish and I am not where the food is non stop but seemed for the past 1-2 weeks I had seen her eating about 8 times a day at least! LOL So strange for me not to see it. Could morning sickness be setting in at 4 weeks? She hasn't thrown up that I have seen.

Also some days it seems she really really looks preg. then the next day she doesn't seem as big. is this normal? do cats bloat like people do? LOL

I HAVE to make an appt with the vet to just know 100% if she really is preg (she sure looks it to me and hasn't gone into heat in 4 1/2 weeks since the begining of her last heat....... but I keep questioning it. LOL oh and her nips definately stick up more now, well 4 do alot, 2 a teeny bit and 2 barely. Some days the nips are pink others dont' look as pink. And fur is thinning around them. LOL but think since I KNEW there was a chance from when she was about 6 days along (so over 3 weeks now) it seems to be taking forever to really notice anything definate)................. But this week the vet was held off because of work (I work at home) and one daughter had a dr. appt today so was gone most of the day, And fri my baby has a dr. appt. mon I worked off and on all day, Tue I had errends, and Thurs I work off and on all day). I keep waiting for her to just get FAT so I KNOW. LOL

Main que. are is if morning sickness can kick in at 4 weeks along, and also if looking bigger one day or at night then smaller the next day, then bigger etc. is normal if they are preg.
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Ok figured I would show a picture of her belly (this is the best way you can see the bump since she still isn't big at all)

This was May 8th (so only 2 weeks along but works to compare)

Ok just took one with me holding her. Figured it was easier to compare that way.

and Mon (May 22nd) almost 4 weeks

sorry not the best pictures. hard since she isn't REALLY "showing" yet.
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I think she is prego 4 1/2 weeks no heat ding sing.. Grandma

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Yeah I figure she is, but think I am just thinking MORE would be going on by now so then second guess myself. LOL Seems like forever since I have been watching for signs for 3 weeks now. LOL But guess I can hold out another 1-2 weeks for her to really be showing. Being home almost 24/7 doesn't help pass the time either. hahaaa
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LOL 24/7 I know the feeling I am in the boat now am truly stuck.... Puter passes my time because the kids are at school and I have to be in the air. Skittles showed early so I see why now.....She has so many....
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So is she doing ANYTHING today that looks like labor? LOL
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Yes nesting and licking and trying to potty...
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See any discharge after she comes out of the litterbox?
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no if there is she is licking it off. SHe is cleaning alot t dau
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OOps! Got my threads mixed up! Sorry junior!
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heehee. NP. it was nice having a quick update. hahaaa!
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got an appt for tomorrow morning for Angel. Of course now my cat carrier is among the missing. UGH! So MAY have to run out tonight and buy one. I was thinking someone borrowed ours and not sure if we got it back or not.......... hmmmmmmmmm
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She does look rounder in the last pic.
I don't know if all cats get morning sickness, I never saw any with Missy.
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Junior did u get an appt yet...
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Jenny----- Heehee just posted she goes in tomorrow a.m. 11:40 my time so 9:40 your time. hope they are quick since my baby has a dr' appt at 2:20 my time. LOL

not much they can do but feel since she will only be about 32 days tops so x-ray wouldn't show till about another 2 weeks. But at least I should have my answer.
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Please let me know how it goes k
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will let you know.

have to go out tomorrow and buy a carrier! UGH I swear we lent ours out to someone in dh's family so not sure if they still have it or if it is lost here. oh well.

I hope they can feel them and count. Says around now is when they can!
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